Sunday, 18 June 2017

All over the place

Surface decoration, have added randomly stitched cross stitch to embellished fabric from last week.
I embellished a chiffon scarf on top.
I use my embellisher to create new textural surfaces. It is useful technique to use up small pieces of fabric.
Another Stone drawing.
Trying to get this idea to surface but appear to be going over the same ground.
Openings. ( creative fairy has been very sluggish lately)
Side tracking. These pieces of Silver Birch bark were
from a gathering trip in the local wood.
Have "patched" with dyed fabric.

I have selected a variety of threads. Now to stitch it. I enjoy the challenge in using natural material to stitch into. It is sometime since I used bark. This piece has interesting moss.
This week the weather has been very  hot so enjoying my garden,
Have spotted one hole in this Hosta so hunt for bugs steps up.
Have hung this Fushsia from a branch on my Rowan Tree
Hope my blue poppy will spread next year.
Please look in next week to view if the Openings are going to work.
BYE      BYE


  1. I have never seen a blue poppy before, that is so beautiful!
    Wonderful to see the stitching you are doing on different mediums. I like looking at what you are doing to the bark. Happy Solstice.

  2. I love seeing your colourful flowers.
    How interesting to be stitching into bark and moss, this is certainly pushing the boundaries of textile art.
    I wonder if creative fairy is trying to tell you something? Maybe she doesn't like openings? I think you should find out. Or send her here for a holiday.