Sunday, 2 April 2017


I don`t plan these pages, this is my play book. Just fun.I play in it when I have a spare 1/2 hour or I just need to be in The Studio. 

Pieces for Verdant Works exhibition are finished so playing.

 Some of the things I use to stamp and stencil with.

I usually grab whatever my eye alights on.

I like cutting rubbers to make my stamps.
and you can use the reverse.
Fabric Book workshop taking shape.

I have used this pattern as Birthday, Wedding, Travel, Nature, in fact any subject. The pockets can hold bits and bobs. For this upcoming workshop it is Circles.
Workshop in May is Rusting so will be pleased to put aside pretty, pretty as it is not me but it has been interesting.

I will do no more to this except add the black safety pins when they arrive. Thank you Jill. As a good friend continually tells me " use the internet, that is what it is for."
I have decided to revisit some books. I will choose 1 a week to look at. Starting with 

I bought this when it was first published and looking at it again wonder why I haven`t opened it for ages.

  One of my favourite page.I recently acquired a copy of The Flower Fairies. I loved this book when I was a child.
This page has my pet hate. Cones on heads closely followed by crowns on babies heads. I have never understood this. Just a little rant.
Please look in next week to view what I am up to.
BYE       BYE