Sunday, 30 October 2016

Studio completed ( for now )

Studio shelves are up and filled.

Joiner made units to hold bits and pieces. One at each end.

I didn't take time to paint then just filled them up.
The table is in so studio is almost completed ( for now ) I am sure there will be lots of tweeking over the next months but it is up and ready to go. Friends have been suggesting names but it is going to be "The Studio" very happy, happy person.
Had my monthly meeting with art friends yesterday. We had a tutor this session. This is the result of 4 hour work.

Not impressed are you. It was very intense- using black and white - any art material - to draw a still life of angular paper shapes. Every 30 minutes a part of the drawing was painted out, turned 90 degrees and same part drawn again. Really good exercise for looking carefully and only drawing what is there.

I gave a talk this week about my working practise.
It is some time since I did this. I really enjoyed it and hope the audience did too.

I always take along lots of work books for people to look at.
The weather has been so good and the leaves are now turning. This has become my favourite walk.

No one on the bench today. Taken from the other side of the stream.

These are the haws from the hawthorn tree. The birds have not started eating them yet.

The rowan tree in my garden has pale yellow berries. I think they will last longer as the birds only eat them when everything else is finished.

This is the view, from my window, of my neighbours apple tree. Wish it was mine.

This fuchsia I grew from a cutting, and trained into a standard, is 11 years old. Still plenty of flowers on it. Without a greenhouse it will spend the Winter in the Studio.

Spotted this in the village. Very American. In Scotland it is Guising. Tomorrow the ghouls will be out and about as well as kids, dressed up, chapping at doors.

This has been a bit of a nature blog but the seasonal colours will not last long and should be enjoyed.
Last week did contact friends
Did not finish Hoop.

Look in next week to see what I am up to.
BYE      BYE

Sunday, 23 October 2016


This pretty beaded purse was a present from a dear friend. I have hung it in the Studio window ( I am still thrilled with the idea I have a studio) to remind me of her many kindnesses. I have been busy coming and going but need to remind myself it is important to make time for friends.
I have been given a set of lino cutting tools. I have never tried this technique.

It takes a bit of thought to work out what to cut away and what to leave.

Preferred the black print. Making sure the printing ink is really smooth is important. Needs more practice.
This is the beginning of my piece connected to the Scottish Embroiderers Guild Regional day. " On the Tay " Hoop project.

 Painted with dyes onto Bond a Web and when dry ironed onto fabric.

Set inside a hoop. Thinking about Dundee`s history of whaling. I need a bit more action and less thinking just now.
Some samples  from a workshop lead by a Guild member. Interesting ideas for this project from the members who attended.

Had a working day with friends, exhibiting group, Kalamkari. We were revisiting Verdant Works. I am trying to get my head round ideas for our next exhibition, based on this jute museum. I lost the momentum when art work was stored in a shed. Hoping the visit will start the creative juices flowing.
So many interesting machine shapes.

I am drawn to the rolls of string the women wore round their waists. Thinking a long book which will roll up. Just at the very early thinking stage but hey its a beginning.

More ground dug to make borders in the garden.
The fabric birds have a new home.

The wind blew the other arrangement over and the branch broke. I think they will be happy in the ivy hedge. They have been outside since July and are wearing well.
Rediscovered this piece of work when unpacking.

This was started at a James Hunting workshop quite a few years ago. Didn't think I ever used this method of working again but looking at this piece I realise I do patch fabric together with hand stitching. I thought I had started working this way when my husband was ill and I could do little pieces sitting in waiting rooms and join them when I was at home. Subconscious at work. What goes in is mixed around in that soup we call creativity and years later pops up.
Look in next week to see how the thinking is going

1st   Phone friends
2     Finish the Hoop ( it is a small piece )
3     Get some paper work started for Verdant Works

BYE    BYE     

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Travels over

Back home. Have been on holiday in Northumberland. A great area for walking, visiting castles and eating, especially if you like fish. As I am a vegetarian I passed on the crab, kippers, sea bass etc. Alnwick has the best second hand book shop anywhere, when I was in the area many years ago the rooms where the café and restaurants are situated had not been opened. It was a pleasant surprise to find as well as great books, atmosphere and the toy train still running they now have good food added to the mix. This makes it a very special destination.

This is the view from the 3 sides of the house I was staying in. Taken through the glass. I never seemed to have my camera when I was outside.

Low tide.

Not sure if this was a sculpture or driftwood for the stove. The beach was on the other side of the wall. Great location.

I like this driftwood heart. It was handing on the kitchen wall.

The estuary leading to Wark. 2 mile walk from beach to castle, along the banks of the Coquest.

My friends entering the Keep.

Wark castle is truly imposing.
Alnwick castle was where the Harry Potter films were shot as was Downton Abbey.

 Northumberland has so many large castles sited along its coastline.
The Gardens at Alnwick castle are more theme park than conventional gardens. Like the castles in this area done on a large scale.

The water cascade is spectacular and the tree house is quite magical for adults and kids. Once again huge.

This shows only a small part of it. Well worth a visit, as is all this coastal area. A very enjoyable break.

Have moved more boxes into the studio and have almost unpacked the shed.

It is possible to see my desk now . Will need some help to move it into the studio.

Bucket of clean water  for painting but I need another for dirty water.

The shelves go up at the end of the month so will be able to organize boxes and books. Old sketch books waiting for a home.

Please look in next week to view what is happening. Will be hoping to have some work to show.
BYE      BYE.