Sunday, 23 October 2016


This pretty beaded purse was a present from a dear friend. I have hung it in the Studio window ( I am still thrilled with the idea I have a studio) to remind me of her many kindnesses. I have been busy coming and going but need to remind myself it is important to make time for friends.
I have been given a set of lino cutting tools. I have never tried this technique.

It takes a bit of thought to work out what to cut away and what to leave.

Preferred the black print. Making sure the printing ink is really smooth is important. Needs more practice.
This is the beginning of my piece connected to the Scottish Embroiderers Guild Regional day. " On the Tay " Hoop project.

 Painted with dyes onto Bond a Web and when dry ironed onto fabric.

Set inside a hoop. Thinking about Dundee`s history of whaling. I need a bit more action and less thinking just now.
Some samples  from a workshop lead by a Guild member. Interesting ideas for this project from the members who attended.

Had a working day with friends, exhibiting group, Kalamkari. We were revisiting Verdant Works. I am trying to get my head round ideas for our next exhibition, based on this jute museum. I lost the momentum when art work was stored in a shed. Hoping the visit will start the creative juices flowing.
So many interesting machine shapes.

I am drawn to the rolls of string the women wore round their waists. Thinking a long book which will roll up. Just at the very early thinking stage but hey its a beginning.

More ground dug to make borders in the garden.
The fabric birds have a new home.

The wind blew the other arrangement over and the branch broke. I think they will be happy in the ivy hedge. They have been outside since July and are wearing well.
Rediscovered this piece of work when unpacking.

This was started at a James Hunting workshop quite a few years ago. Didn't think I ever used this method of working again but looking at this piece I realise I do patch fabric together with hand stitching. I thought I had started working this way when my husband was ill and I could do little pieces sitting in waiting rooms and join them when I was at home. Subconscious at work. What goes in is mixed around in that soup we call creativity and years later pops up.
Look in next week to see how the thinking is going

1st   Phone friends
2     Finish the Hoop ( it is a small piece )
3     Get some paper work started for Verdant Works

BYE    BYE     

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  1. That's a lovely piece of lino-cutting design and it prints really well.
    Garden restructuring is progressing and I'm looking forward to seeing it again.
    The pink bird is enjoying being among the ivy flowers, birds are supposed to like eating them (? never seen it).