Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fairy Dust triumphs

Thank you for looking in.

Last week I posted after a few days work and it showed.
Printing colour was wrong. I used wrong photo for back inside cover. The one I posted was from a copy free web site, beautiful photos  but not my twilight photo. I printed wheat instead of barley and so on and on.

Fairy dust was shouting( this is not good enough ) I knew dust was right but I thought of the frustrating time I had spent printing, the wasted materials and time wasted. I thought I would be able to doctor it etc. 

We have all been there , sometimes it is possible to rescue a piece of work. Not this time.

I started on pages with ( Fairy dust still shouting in my head ) Wednesday 9.30 a.m. I undid poor work from week before. Fairy dust triumphant. Short of arranging a parade, hiring a band and taking out adverts Fairy dust was ecstatic.
Truth to be told so was I. The results are now acceptable.

I think this is much better. The writing is correct now, Barley and the inside cover is lighter.
Worked on last page. Have you ever turned to the back of a book to read the last page first after reading a few at the beginning of a book? Own up most folks have.
The last page will be the first page viewed when book is opened.

I had time this week to pin pages up, look and think, mull ideas over.

Last page now finished I think ( will consult fairy dust )

Small jars hold wheat and barley seeds. Still looking to obtain oat seeds.
Have left threads hanging as still not decided on finished length and may even add tags.
Cords are wrapped and tied round neck of jars after being stitched through to back and securely tied.

Another page begun.

 And another one. Lughnasadh gradually beginning to take shape.

Plan for next week

1  Finish pages I have begun.

2 Begin on scrolls

3 Resolve problem of hinges.

Look in on Sunday 5.00 To see if I have had a productive week.

Bye Bye


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

In the pink

Thank you for looking in.

Great sunny days this week . Flowers popping everywhere. The first bloom on Camellia has appeared

The shrub is covered in buds so this single flower will soon be joined by loads more. It is quite a sight

The everlasting wallflower was a cutting from a large 3 year old plant which was wonderful sight all year round. It died in November. Pleased the cutting has taken and this is the first flower. Wonder if it will be as long lived and as prolific when in flower.

Think these are Tete a Tete not fully open. Little bright patches under shrubs.

Wonder shade of red. Has been in flower for weeks. Sitting in porch so first thing I see when I enter my home.


Sunday, 22 March 2015

" I`m late, I`m late for a very important date"

Thank you for looking in.

Sorry for late posting but I did warn you I had a very busy week. No time for working on book 2.

 The lecture giving by Jan B. and Jean L. known as Double Trouble was excellent. It was great to hear about their working methods and they are very entertaining speakers.
The workshop on Sat, was heads down and full on but also fun. I may post 1 of the samples I started, If I can find time to finish it. Do you have little projects tucked away from all the workshops you have attended?

Back to Lughnasadh, which had been put on hold all week.
Worked hard on it today but with limited success.
I was printing on fabric but the colour was not right
Ended up using Jacquard Inkjet Printing silk sheets.
The photo I had taken last year of fields at twilight was printing too dark

It was just the image I wanted to use on Back cover so will have another go.

Inside front cover is in place. The silk sheets worked with this photo. Have stitched into barley beards and added wording. Padded the inside space before attaching silk fabric.

Will have to change this as I have attached wrong information. The photo is of barley so should be temp. for barley.
Thats what happens when I am working late, old brain 
is tired . Only noticed mistake when I posted photo. Tomorrows task.

First page finished, I think, may yet add to it. Had to redo writing as I had used "feed" instead of fed. Friend spotted mistake. Did anyone else?

Little jars, containing corn, barley and I have to find wheat or is it oats. Some confusion over name of cereals.

Tasks for week

1  Try printing again, to get colour right.

2  Change writing on inside cover, my silly mistake.

3  Start another page.

4  Find a solution to join at hinge back and front.

That should keep me busy

Another view of the cubby hole. (studio) Plastic has just been replace, usually covered in paint.
Little round smiling faces ( can you spot them) were made by grandchildren to keep me happy when they are not visiting. I think that is so sweet.

See you next Sunday at 5.00 ( not midnight)


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Colour Combinations

Very grey day yesterday so happy to see the sun today

I love this colour combination. Nature is so clever putting Magenta and Yellow together. I often check out flower colour combinations when I am looking for inspiration.

Another great combination. The birds have eaten most of my yellow crocus.

Like this pulmonaria because it doesn`t know if it should be pink or blue.

Can you guess what this is ? I did not cover it up this year.  Wonderful splash of colour  against the brown earth.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Listen to the Fairy Dust

Thank you for looking in.

Very frustrating week. Not as much progress as hoped for.
I spent hours fiddling ( designing ) trying to workout best placement on page one.
Fairy dust was saying place on right hand side, I was trying left side, up, down, middle to place Ceres.
Lesson learned ( always listen to the fairy dust )
Would like to say I will in future but unlikely as I like to think I know best.

Notice slight difference in colour of linen ? Not a huge change but I think more interesting.

Then printer ran out of black ink. Computer had been warning me for a few days - did nothing about it. So held up again. Thursday before I was back on track.
Printed words from old songs connected  to Lughnasadh. Used Extrav Organza, which I painted with lemon dye.

Will make little scrolls from these and add to some pages. Little secrets.

Book covers joined. More work needed on finish of hinges. I enjoy finding solutions to the construction of my books.

Going to a lecture given by Jan B. and Jean L. on Friday20th and a 10.00 / 4.00 workshop on Sat 22 March. Wonder how productive I will be on pages this week. 1 almost finished, 5 to go.

This is Dundee Embroiderers Guild 60th anniversary this year. The lecture is the first of many events throughout 2015 to mark the occasion.

A peek at supplies from the cubby hole (studio)

Look in next Sunday 5.00 to see how my week has gone.

Bye  Bye

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Bright and Cheerful

Euphorbia. I have no idea the name of this one but it grows everywhere in my garden. It has been in flower for a few weeks. Another flower that keeps its head down. Love the edge of the flowerhead outlined in red. A steady hand needed to achieve that.

Chionodoxa. Glory of the Snow. l love this intense blue. Today is another grey day so I am pleased I took photos yesterday when the sun was shining.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Moving on

Thank you for looking in.
Re last weeks post, about adding stitching to the embellished fabric to get new length, this is how it looked.

I then dyed to match original fabric. 

Looks as good as new. Can you see the join?

Book covers finished and although it gave me extra work I am pleased I decided to take fabric inside covers.

Have been researching Ceres Roman Goddess of Agriculture. She was thought to give the gift of a good Harvest-rewarded celebrating the fertility of the soil.
Also known as Demeter - Greek Goddess with the same function. ( Romans took her over)
Ceres was credited with teaching humans  how to grow and prepare grain Ceres -Cereal. She was responsible for the fertility of the land.
Pages for Lughnasadh Book 2 will feature her story.

Pages from my workbook. I usually use a A3 workbook but decided this time to try A5 landscape.


Pages will be 4+6 inches 10+16 cm.
I thought this fine linen would work but it is too pale.
Think I need to dye it a stronger corn colour.

Plan for coming week.

1  Dye linen and begin placing information on pages

2  Construction problem to solve.
    Joining book covers - Tricky- Stitched fabric is 
    thicker than Book 1 covers. They were painted 
    paper and fabric strips.

These little objects all have a story (special to events in my life )  I like to keep them on the window sill of my "studio" A little shrine to creativity and positive thoughts.

Positive thought has let me down. Have ended up with same photo twice. Unable to delete one so sorry you will have to look at objects twice.

Look in next Sunday 5.00 to see progress on pages and to view the cubby hole I laughingly call my studio.

Bye Bye 


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Absence of Flowers

The snow yesterday has prevented any flowers opening. The sun is shining the sky is blue but so cold. The flowers very sensibly have kept closed.
The garden posts mid week are made to prevent me forgetting the skills needed to post. This gives the impression I am some dotty old women, old I maybe but not yet dotty although I am blogland challenged.

This zinc bathtub is filled with daffodils. It will be a few weeks till it is in full bloom. Not meant to have snowdrops in it, these few must have decided they wanted in on the act.

In place of flowers. The prayer flags have survived a year in the garden. They look as good as new, only the string holding them has been replaced.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Thank you for looking in 
A peek at pages from my workbook. This is the beginning of the research for the 2nd book in my Field series. I always enjoy starting a new project. I love doing the research. Playing with paper and paint in my workbook. At some point I always have to remind myself to stop playing and get making.

Lughnasadh will be name of 2nd book. Taken from the Celtic god Lugh associated with Harvest Festival, Celebrating end of Summer, a good Crop and Fertility.

Best laid plans of Mice and Men etc.
I had carefully measured the size for each piece of embellished fabric I required to cover front and back covers for book.
I then decided when I began making up covers I would extend over the edge and into inside of covers. 3 inches / 8cm. short.
Embellisher to the rescue. Added a piece of fabric to back of work, overlapping edges. Added more dyed strips and embellished like mad. 


Looks a bit odd but when hand and machine stitching is added it will be as good as new.
Just annoyed at the extra time spent making it alright.

I like to do a rough mock up, to get idea of size of pages and where I will place stitching, photos, writing etc. When I begin pages (they) will take on a life of their own and stitching, photos, writing etc. will go where (they) think is best. The magic dust takes over. It usually works out O.K. but I like to make my mock up. It makes me feel I am in charge ( Ha Ha. Go with the magic dust I say) 

Plan to finish covers and begin pages in the coming week . 
Look in to see if I manage without another gremlin coming to visit.
See you next Sunday 5.00
Bye Bye