Sunday, 22 March 2015

" I`m late, I`m late for a very important date"

Thank you for looking in.

Sorry for late posting but I did warn you I had a very busy week. No time for working on book 2.

 The lecture giving by Jan B. and Jean L. known as Double Trouble was excellent. It was great to hear about their working methods and they are very entertaining speakers.
The workshop on Sat, was heads down and full on but also fun. I may post 1 of the samples I started, If I can find time to finish it. Do you have little projects tucked away from all the workshops you have attended?

Back to Lughnasadh, which had been put on hold all week.
Worked hard on it today but with limited success.
I was printing on fabric but the colour was not right
Ended up using Jacquard Inkjet Printing silk sheets.
The photo I had taken last year of fields at twilight was printing too dark

It was just the image I wanted to use on Back cover so will have another go.

Inside front cover is in place. The silk sheets worked with this photo. Have stitched into barley beards and added wording. Padded the inside space before attaching silk fabric.

Will have to change this as I have attached wrong information. The photo is of barley so should be temp. for barley.
Thats what happens when I am working late, old brain 
is tired . Only noticed mistake when I posted photo. Tomorrows task.

First page finished, I think, may yet add to it. Had to redo writing as I had used "feed" instead of fed. Friend spotted mistake. Did anyone else?

Little jars, containing corn, barley and I have to find wheat or is it oats. Some confusion over name of cereals.

Tasks for week

1  Try printing again, to get colour right.

2  Change writing on inside cover, my silly mistake.

3  Start another page.

4  Find a solution to join at hinge back and front.

That should keep me busy

Another view of the cubby hole. (studio) Plastic has just been replace, usually covered in paint.
Little round smiling faces ( can you spot them) were made by grandchildren to keep me happy when they are not visiting. I think that is so sweet.

See you next Sunday at 5.00 ( not midnight)



  1. Love the wee jars. Wheat, Barley, Oats etc. or Juhn Barleycorn. Its all coming along nicely. Awesome !

  2. First of all I love the happy faces, they must cheer you up every time you come into your studio, what nice grandchildren you have.
    Going backwards, I like the tiny bottles too, I like the seeds inside.
    Love all the photographs and text you are including in your highly original book.
    Teddies will be standing by the computer next Sunday at 5 (as usual).