Sunday, 26 July 2015

Trying to focus

Opened my workbook and flicking through the pages.
Trying to focus on the work I need to crack on with. Have extended the lines on this drawing. Just playing to get started again. 

 Added stitch to this page and am considering using this drawing as a backing to one of the shelves. Considering it, but not sure, it might work better printed onto fabric. 

So on with Coastline project. Had a morning at the beach and came back with enough bits and bobs to start on the jars again.
Had an experience- walking along local beach, head down, looking for interesting pieces of seaweed, man waving a red flag at me. It was very windy and the waves were crashing so did not pick up what he was shouting. Looked around, not in any danger from the sea. Nothing on the beach that would cause me any harm. Held up hands and shrugged shoulders to indicate I did not understand. Next thing 4 solders came out of the dunes heading straight for me. Wow.
They looked in my bag. asked about the plastic bags filled with seaweed, shells and debris. Have you ever tried to explain to men in uniform, who are being really officious,that you are collecting to make a textile piece of work about the Coastline. I was escorted back along the beach and it was pointed out to me I had strayed into an area used by the army for training. A large red flag was flying up in the dunes but as I had walked along the shoreline I had not seen it. I pointed out if it was so dangerous they needed to fly a flag on the beach as well. They gave me a nice salute and watched me head back the way I had come.

 Thank goodness they did not confiscate my seaweed.

 Or my collection of polluting items.
Will certainly come onto the beach through the dunes next time, checking for a red flag.

Have started working on the 3rd book. Decided on Pollution.


Still lots more work to do but a start has been made and I am trying to focus.

 Trying to find best way to interpret feathers. First stitching I have done for a while.

I think this shell would make a great cover for a book.
May focus on this next week.

Must show you this necklace my Granddaughter made for me. I think she has picked up on the Coastline theme.

The jars have sand and shells inside and I gather she had a lot of trouble getting the sea glass drilled.
I love it.

Look in next week to find out what is happening to the project. Will I do something with the shell? Will I have more beach escapades?

Bye  Bye.

Bye  Bye

Sunday, 19 July 2015

looking back again

No post last week due to family bereavement.
So still looking back over past work.  The ability to lose myself in stitching has deserted me for the time being, as for trying to move" Coastlines" on, my head is full of mince. This is a saying used in this part of the world. Quite apt at the moment even though I am a vegetarian.
Looking back at workbooks and photos has been a good exercise. 
Has my work changed.                        Yes
Has my way of working changed.         No
Am I using a different colour palette    Yes
Am I using different materials              Yes 
Has the subject matter changed           Yes

I was pleased with past pieces but looking back I see lots of ways I could have extended or even excluded
to make them work better.
No mistakes or failures just each a piece in its own right,  to learn something from, to take forward into new work, often being cut up and added to another piece of work.

 Photos of work in progress for a piece called "Circles of my Mind" made a few years ago.
Quite appropriate as I worked this in sections when husband started treatment for mouth cancer and I spent a lot of time waiting in clinics.
I added each section onto a linen backing. This piece had lots of rusting and fabric buried in the earth.
Unfortunately it  was a rush to get it into an exhibition on time and it sold before I got round to taking a photo of the finished piece. I make sure I photo everything now before it gets packed up for exhibitions.

The way I work.

I still do lots of research before I start new work and I fill workbooks with ideas, I like to be absorbed in my subject before I even think about fabrics etc.
My work has lots of layers and I found working in sections and then putting it all together works for me.
Do I need to change? Perhaps, but for the moment it works OK.

These smaller pieces were made continuing the circles theme, for another exhibition and I remembered to photograph them.

Hope to be stitching again soon but still lots to look back on.
Bye   Bye

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Looking Back

Have been unable to move "Coastlines" on this week so looking back over a workbook and the piece of work connected to it.
This was inspired by a Scottish poem and was made for an EDGE exhibition.
My work at this time was all connected to my local landscape. The farming year and the history of the land. It is 84cm. + 44cm in size

The poem was printed onto fabric and torn into strips which formed the spaces between the drills.
It was fun to make. I printed,painted and dyed a variety of fabrics then tore them into strips. Lots of hand stitching added to the texture of the piece.
At this time I was adding little pockets of earth to my work.
In this piece they are under the brown, thick, lines.
My thinking was to include the essence of earth into my work. It was all part of the many layers of thinking and making in my work at this time.
I buried fabric in the local fields to have the fabric with a retained memory of earth and then used the fabric in my work. I thought it was important to use the earth as a component in my work.
It is not the best photo and does`nt show how richly textured this piece is.

This last photo is of fabric which has been buried in the earth for 3 weeks. Washed, dried and ironed. I love the marks the earth leaves.
The hardest part in the making of this work was the top edge. I wanted the top to represent the curved shape of the fields. The piece is backed onto thin plywood and turning the thick fabric neatly over this  backing broke a few nails and made me doubt the wisdom of that idea
It has been interesting for me to revisit a piece of work but I hope I can return to new body of work "Coastlines" next week.

 Bye   Bye