Sunday, 29 November 2015

This is almost it

After much deliberation I have chosen the photo as the background for the seagull.
I have printed onto fabric, added strips of sheers and stitched on French knots for texture. Along the bottom I glued on sand. The seagull has given it his approval.

 Oh and I have fixed his eyes.

 This is the last of the seagull saga. I am pleased, the seagull is pleased and I am sure everyone out there will be pleased to see the last of him. 
Have drawn seaweed to go inside the small books space.

Once photo background is backed and fixed in place the " Coastline Cabinet " will be finished.
This is almost it at long last.

Back to the workbook. 
Looking at starting a new piece based on 9 patches.
Using the sand ripples and the lines from coastal maps. No idea where this is going or what the end result will be.

 Thinking about it being a whole 9 patch piece but each piece will work in its own right. I have seen various work in exhibitions using the 9 patch idea so the idea is not mine. I hope I can make my piece my own, using my style.

 Plan for next week.

1    Finally finish Cabinet

2   Work through ideas for next piece

3   Get work packed for 10th Dec.

Look in next week to give a last wave to Seagull.



Sunday, 22 November 2015

Almost at the end

The seagull has eyes. He is pleased , at last eyes to see with.
I am not sure and wish my eyes would tell me what is not quite right. He is a Herring gull so needs red round his eyes.

 I have been looking at the sand ripple photos I took, some time ago.

Had a really enjoyable play with a purpose day.
Brown paper, Pastels, Paint and a White oil bar.
Made some monotype prints until I was happy with a design. Printed onto fabric and then stitched using dyed wool thread and a rayon thread to give a little reflection.

Have put this in place behind the little boxes.

Debris is finished. I have decided to mount the 3 "COASTLINE" pieces on clear acrylic. Waiting to have it cut to size.


 Started another postcard.

 A busy but enjoyable week. Lots of bits and pieces finished.
Almost at the end of this body of work.

Plan for next week

1   Look at those eyes again
2   Finish postcard
3   Mount Seaweed, Shells, Debris.


Sorry some words have appeared in the wrong place.
Have spent ages trying to right this and have given up in despair. Had begun to believe my computing skills were improving but not so.
See you next week, going for a cuppa and a choc, biscuit

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The waiting is over

At last he is finished, except for his eyes.

A bit of an anti climax really.
He sits there looking quite ordinary.

 No indication of the difficulties I have experienced trying to make him. Trying to find a seagull, taking photos and all the delaying tactics I used. I knew he would be difficult to make and give me lots of problems to solve. He did.
Wished at one point I could carve with wood as thought that might be an easier option. It would have presented its own series of problems, I suspect.

I am pleased with the way he sits in his place and have promised him I will fix his eyes.

 What do you think?

Next decision is what background will I give him.
One of my photos?

One of my drawings?

It is always about the correct decision.
 The seagull has brought the cabinet together.

From the discovery that the cabinet had been made in the wrong size, till here we are almost finished. I would like to find a shell stencil or stamp. Normally  I
   make my own but have not been happy with the results so far.
A few more postcards to be stitched.
"Coastline" needs to be ready to be juried on the 10th December as I am hoping he will be in an exhibition in January.

3rd piece of work in the "Coastline" series is started

I  planned to make the 3 pieces the same size but this one had other ideas and is slightly longer,

Still to be stitched but should be finished for the deadline 10th December.

Plan for next week

1     Finish bits and bobs for Cabinet

2     Finish Debris

3     Think about presentation for Seaweed, Seaglass
       and Debris

Big Big sighs of relief. The Seagull is made

BYE    BYE.  

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Nearly there

The seagull thought he would have his wings on today. He was hoping and so was I.
Unexpected visitors, which was lovely, but wings will have to wait until tomorrow. Poor, poor seagull.

The strips of fabric with hand and machine stitching added. I use this technique often and I thought it would work for the seagulls wings.

Sitting cosy by the fire on a very wet and miserable evening. I used a mag, which happened to be within reach, for my pattern. How lazy is that.

The seagull is so patient, putting up with being wrapped in bits of a mag. instead of his wings. Its a wonder he hasn`t used that beak to seek revenge on me.

The wings look a bit crude but hoping by tomorrow they will be more refined. and so does the seagull.

 I really don`t think he will sit for any more indignities
so has to have his wings tomorrow.

Plan   1, 2, 3.

Finish bird. 


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Wrapping the Seagull

The seagull is being wrapped in white felt. This will smooth all the lumps and bumps out of him-- he is a he.
I wish wrapping in felt whatever colour would  smooth my lumps and bumps.


He looks a bit odd but I am hoping it will all come together in the end.
I didn`t want to make a stuffed fabric bird, I didn`t want him looking a bit Walt Disneyish, nor did I want a perfect replica of a seagull. I couldn`t make that anyway.
Hope the vision inside my head works.

If you have followed my blog from the begin you will know I like texture and this is a method I have used before to construct a textured  fabric.
Strips of hand dyed materials a selection of threads and my embellisher.

This will become the wings. Trust me but keep your fingers and toes crossed that this all works

Look in next week to see the bird, at last , coming together and about time everyone is saying.
I can hear you.

BYE     BYE    

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Beach walk

Beautiful day here. Have been out walking, all day, along the beach and on the sand dunes.
Home too late to take photos to post.
Settling in with the fire on and a cuppa.

New source wall.

Will post about seagull tomorrow.