Sunday, 29 January 2017

Busy week

Still making time for play. First one has a card I found as I was walking into town.
Stewarding at the EDGE exhibition at Verdant Works. Opening was so busy it was hard to look closely at the work. Impressed by the work on show and feeling good my work holds it`s own.

 Long pieces are so difficult to photograph.

This piece is so bright alongside all the browns.
Well worth a visit.
Have signed up for a drawing class.

Drawing with a charcoal pencil, then going over the drawing with the feather tip dipped in ink.
This exercise was fun
Feeling a bag. Not trying to identify content just feeling hard and soft then using charcoal marks to indicate where the hard and soft spots were. Quite difficult. Try it.

Not a normal drawing class,
Have begun putting a piece of work together for the next exhibition. Details later.

Has another layer to go on and words inside the tubes but is nearly finished. This is the piece that was set aside while I finished Perpetual Motion.
Resident Robin has found his way to new bird table.

The Blackbird or is it a Thrush is still not sure.

One finished. Needs to be trimmed and varnished.

Saw this sunflower on my wood walk. Who put it there and why?
Please look in next week to see if numbers are in situ.
Will the A2 piece be finished?
What will drawing class produce?
BYE       BYE

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Still Playing

The front cover for 2017 play book has changed.

As has

Using 2 Leaf shapes I cut from a rubber.

I kept a special parking ticket. Cancer patients were given daily free tickets after each treatment. This was the last one my husband received. I always meant to do something with it. Have cut it up and will add bits to Play Time. ( creative fairy thought this was a good idea)

Will wash over this page with gesso. Covering up a bad time.
Enjoying using up paints. This one is Brusho. Stronger colour than matt acrylics.

Took part this week in a workshop recycling tins.
We all made a Blue Bird. Mine is bottom left with stitching. Do you recognise the tin?

Progressed to Hearts.

Very hard on ones fingers. Good fun but I don't intend to make more.

3 Amaryllis were bought and planted at the same time. I had an image of a bowl filled with these showy plants. As you can see one has romped away, leaving the other two trailing.

Look in next week to view my plans for these.

BYE      BYE

Open to the public. Well worth a visit.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Time to Play

The "book" Perpetual Motion was finished in time. Phew. My "books" are sculpture pieces but they do have "pages" and tell a story

I delivered it today at 10.30 to be juried for EDGE exhibition

1.30 got the good news my submission had been successful. Patting myself on the back ( creative fairy can`t reach ) as not sure how it would be viewed and I worked flat out to finish in time.
I work mainly to produce for exhibitions so I should be prepared for the roller coaster of wondering if I will be selected. Always the worry how one will deal with rejection.
Time for a short break from dark satanic mills. ( That will be good, says creative fairy, we need some colour)

I have started a 2017 Time for Play book.

My affirmation page.

Revisiting any art materials which leap out at me. Had forgotten how much fun it is to let your hands, heart and head merge into that intuitive space.

A lovely few hours. These pages will be worked into next time. Making Time for Play in 2017.

Do you find there is always one Christmas decoration  which manages to escape the 12th night clearup?

This one was keeping very quiet tucked in beside this plant. I only found it yesterday.
Do you recall a piece of work which was push aside as I finished Perpetual Motion. It has been very patient.
Look in next week to view where I go with it and if I find Time to Play.
BYE       BYE

Sunday, 8 January 2017


1st week of 2017 over already. Have been in the Studio trying to make  Sunday the 15th deadline for EDGE exhibition.

I thought I would use the inside of a carpet roll to make the "book"

Before I could dismiss this as being unsuitable creative fairy had made a rude noise. Slight panic as time was short. Would a plastic tube work? A new paint roller caught my eye. Perfect.

Fitted it inside a toilet roll tube. Tight squeeze but it gives a solid base and a smooth surface, when cut to size and painted - Transformation. A rude noise from creative fairy.

These will be fixed at each end of the tube, when painted another transformation into metal cogs. a very loud rude noise from you know who. Yea of little faith.

A little more sandpapering and painting but I hope this effect will keep creative fairy quiet.
The "book" is 3ft +6 1/2ft and will roll round this structure.

Stitch on jute backing, attach to roll, tweak here and there and I might just make the 15th.

My Grandchildren in the Studio over the festive holiday. Using up my paint and masking tape but they brought their own artist boards.

Before the paint was dry and the tape could be pulled off. Nice feeling 3 of us working in the Studio.

I wish everyone a creative 2017.
Look in next week to see if I make the deadline.