Sunday, 28 May 2017

Sun Sun and more Sun

2 weeks ago I had a holiday on Arran. A beautiful island, made even better by the glorious weather
Ferry crossing makes it seem like a really big trip even though the crossing takes only 55 minutes. Just time to get a cuppa and get on deck to watch the docking.

I crossed over to the Holy Isle on my last day before catching the ferry home. I went for all sorts of reasons but the main one was to see this.
It is called The Bird of Solace and was commissioned as a memorial for a special woman. The bird landed in the wonderful Mandela Garden on the Holy Isle. I spent a special time with the gardeners Sarah and Sid who have created and lovingly tended this very amazing garden.
The island has some rock paintings but they are too garish for my Scottish taste.
This week Lines and more Lines. No idea where this is going but hoping something will click.

These were made by wax crayoning all over the page then putting another page on top and drawing with a ball point pen. The colour is lifted from the bottom page.
Stones collected from the beach on Arran.

Making myself draw. This was graphic drawn into with a rubber. An idea is mulling away but not quite clear enough yet. I think felt might be involved.
The shape of a small square within a larger one keeps occurring.
This rose travelled with me when I moved house. I wasn`t sure it would survive being uprooted but it appears to be thriving. It has a strong scent and was one of my husbands favourites.

Please look in next week.
BYE      BYE

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Creative Fairy

Have been on an Art Retreat with some friends.
Gartmore sits in beautiful ,  but a little run down , grounds. Great for wandering and foraging.

This piece of bark may become a book. Creative Fairy was working overtime.
I had decided instead of taking loads of supplies I would stick with black pencils, graphic stick, white gesso and sketchbook. ( See last weeks post. )

Out walking spotted this tree. Marking on the trunk matched some of my line marks.
Very freeing to stick to a limited pallet. I certainly had more room on my work space.
2nd day I needed colour.

A used teabag did the job.
Used hand wipes were pulled into the creative zone and I was back with texture and layers.
Great atmosphere, sharing experiences and expertise. Looking forward to next meetup.
Any Old Iron workshop. After I stressed the health and safety aspects everyone worked hard to achieve as many small rust samples as possible using vinegar and a variety of teas.

Wine and rust powder was used on the 2nd day. The mystery samples for everyone to unwrap at home.
Afternoon spent attaching 1st days samples and stitching on more metal to rust.

This was a very hard working group of people and they produced some super samples

One glass of wine left in the bottle from the rusting. ( "you kept that back deliberately" said Creative Fairy) Rounded off a busy workshop. Feet up and a glass of red.
Please look in next week to view what I am up to.
Lines are stewing away and a new body of work is on the horizon

BYE      BYE

Sunday, 7 May 2017


Where did April go? Visitors - Easter - Lots of commitments - An exhibition and a 90th Birthday Party. It passed in a blur. Almost too busy to stop and take note.
Hoops stitched by members from branches of Scottish Embroiderers` Guild. They looked really great at Regional Day. 214 delegates and the sun shone.
My grandchildren decorated these boxes and proudly took them home. I love the way the grandchildren now take ownership of The Studio when they visit. A relief to know they still enjoy creating and can be detached from their phones and tablets.
From this
To this in 2 days

" Played " while the kids painted and decorated their boxes.

I suspect they thought I was mucking about while they did "proper" stuff.
My Golden Fluids arrived. Will stash them away before grandchildren return.
The Fabric Book with Pocket, workshop was a colourful busy day. Never enough time in a one day workshop, everyone took home bits and bobs to finish in their own time.
The theme was circles and finding stitches to attach fabric.
Visited the Knitting and Stitch Show. Plan was to view all the exhibits but not to buy. Came home with a load of goodies, as you do.
A workshop with Bobby Britnell - Back to Basics.
Paper, a graphic stick and lines . A great workshop and super tutor.

2nd exhibition at Verdant Works hung and opened.
I am so pleased the Shadows worked on my piece."(" so am I " said creative fairy)

It took a lot of trials before I managed the correct size and angle to get the shadows. Repeating the cog edges.
That was some of April. Oh and the computer played up.
Look in next week to read about a workshop " Any Old Iron" I am tutoring
This is the 3rd year of Evergreenmo. Please leave a comment if you have enjoyed this post.
Garden is growing.
BYE      BYE