Sunday, 14 May 2017

Creative Fairy

Have been on an Art Retreat with some friends.
Gartmore sits in beautiful ,  but a little run down , grounds. Great for wandering and foraging.

This piece of bark may become a book. Creative Fairy was working overtime.
I had decided instead of taking loads of supplies I would stick with black pencils, graphic stick, white gesso and sketchbook. ( See last weeks post. )

Out walking spotted this tree. Marking on the trunk matched some of my line marks.
Very freeing to stick to a limited pallet. I certainly had more room on my work space.
2nd day I needed colour.

A used teabag did the job.
Used hand wipes were pulled into the creative zone and I was back with texture and layers.
Great atmosphere, sharing experiences and expertise. Looking forward to next meetup.
Any Old Iron workshop. After I stressed the health and safety aspects everyone worked hard to achieve as many small rust samples as possible using vinegar and a variety of teas.

Wine and rust powder was used on the 2nd day. The mystery samples for everyone to unwrap at home.
Afternoon spent attaching 1st days samples and stitching on more metal to rust.

This was a very hard working group of people and they produced some super samples

One glass of wine left in the bottle from the rusting. ( "you kept that back deliberately" said Creative Fairy) Rounded off a busy workshop. Feet up and a glass of red.
Please look in next week to view what I am up to.
Lines are stewing away and a new body of work is on the horizon

BYE      BYE


  1. A great solution as to what to take by only taking white and black art supplies, otherwise how do we choose what to take. But like you, I would have been craving colour sooner or later. Also one can concentrate on design if colour is restricted and I do like your patterns/designs. Rust workshop looks as if it was very intensive and your students produced a wonderful variety of samples.

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all. Wonderful to see the samples and pieces of art. Good idea to hold back a glass of wine.

  3. Love the work in this post, your retreat looked very inspiring.