Sunday, 24 April 2016

Getting on with it.

This piece has been selected to be displayed on the EDGE stand at the Knitting and Stitch Show in Edinburgh at the Royal Highland Centre.

Look out for it

I find it very difficult to photo long pieces so some close ups.

It is a memory of a 3 days Field Walking trip with a local archaeology group. The field was carefully measured and each person was allocated an area. The group got quite excited as I kept stopping to add to my container. Laughter when they discovered I was collecting any old pieces of metal, mainly from tractors. The group thought I was having beginners luck and finding artefacts. It is named Field Diaries.

At last a free day. Where do I begin, coastal piece or Verdant Works.
Coastal piece won out. I have been making excuses to not start this stage. Printing, bond a web, working out size of lettering and font etc. Lot of little decisions instead of being able to sit and stitch.

So getting on with it. This fabric was wrapped round seaweed and left in rock pools.

First part finished. The themes are sand ripples. coastlines and fences.
Look in next week to view where I am going with this.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

A bit of this a bit of that


Embroiderers Guild Regional Day. This is what happened to all the Paisley shapes people stitched.

They look spectacular. Over 700 were sent in.

Can you spot yours?

Even the carpets throughout the venue have the pattern woven in.

A different shape. A little more play with paper and paint from the Verdant Works visit.

Beach ramble with my granddaughter.

Deposited by high tide, then discarded.
We had an interesting conversation, (phone had to be left in the car) Where ones spiritual home would be. Beach, Forest, Mountains or Countryside. If you are always in a urban environment would your soul be refreshed by buildings streets etc.
Forests are my least favourite places. I find them claustrophobic. I am refreshed by wide open spaces.
Where is your spiritual home?
I did say this was a bit of this and a bit of that.

A bit more stitching on Coastal piece. Not sure if I use the black or brown feather print. In the end might go back to hand stitching a feather.
Hope you look in next week.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Aother workshop

On Thursday stepped in, to tutor a felt workshop for a local textile group. 10.00 4.00
Far more equipment needed for this workshop than the last.

Nuno felting in the morning. Wet method. Lots of soapsuds. rolling and throwing. Everyone worked hard,including me. Good results.

A selection of the scarves made.
Everyone ready for their lunch.
Nuno felting in the afternoon. The dry method using an embellisher.

A bag of white merino wool tops, a silk scarf and a piece of net for each person. White on white

The gloves were to stop the wool tops sticking.

Then to the dyeing. These dyes are new to me. Very easy to use but need to be heat set in a microwave or in a steamer.

Plastic bag method.

Some were left white on white.
They were taken home in plastic bags to heat set.
One women was going to use the microwave method. Lots of banter when her husband came to collect her. Advice he should have a carryout for his evening meal.
Everyone appeared happy with the results.
I put my feet up when I returned home.

Goldfinches have arrived in force. Counted 8 today. Very hard to photograph through glass. They are very skittish birds and disappear at the slightest movement.

Hope to get some of my own work done next week.
Look in to see if I manage.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Busy week

This exhibition has it`s opening today. Last chance to view it so if you have missed it at other venues try to make it to Birnam. The café does excellent soup. I have 2 books on display.

First picking of the new season rhubarb.

Added chopped stem ginger and a spoonful of the syrup.

Cooked slowly in the oven. I love this with yogurt.

Help this is in danger of turning into a cookery blog.
Back to business.
Playing again with pastels and mono printing.

I liked these shapes when I visited Verdant Works. They hold the posts for the jute thread bobbins

The big wheel.

Quick drawings snatched at moments throughout the day. I need a whole free day to really develop some paperwork in depth but I have had fun and pastels are my new favourite.
More stitching for long coastal piece.

Scrim added over stitching. I had originally planned to keep the background neutral but have decided to colour it. Which colour is not yet clear.

Another visit to the front runner - house - decision made - fingers crossed I can secure it. Can`t bear to look at any more houses but Hey Ho I am not picking a colour scheme just yet. Don`t count ones chickens etc. I have never owned chickens so I ask everyone out there to send very positive vibes that this house is meant for me.
Hope you will look in next week.