Sunday, 10 April 2016

Aother workshop

On Thursday stepped in, to tutor a felt workshop for a local textile group. 10.00 4.00
Far more equipment needed for this workshop than the last.

Nuno felting in the morning. Wet method. Lots of soapsuds. rolling and throwing. Everyone worked hard,including me. Good results.

A selection of the scarves made.
Everyone ready for their lunch.
Nuno felting in the afternoon. The dry method using an embellisher.

A bag of white merino wool tops, a silk scarf and a piece of net for each person. White on white

The gloves were to stop the wool tops sticking.

Then to the dyeing. These dyes are new to me. Very easy to use but need to be heat set in a microwave or in a steamer.

Plastic bag method.

Some were left white on white.
They were taken home in plastic bags to heat set.
One women was going to use the microwave method. Lots of banter when her husband came to collect her. Advice he should have a carryout for his evening meal.
Everyone appeared happy with the results.
I put my feet up when I returned home.

Goldfinches have arrived in force. Counted 8 today. Very hard to photograph through glass. They are very skittish birds and disappear at the slightest movement.

Hope to get some of my own work done next week.
Look in to see if I manage.



  1. Wow, that looks like quite an intense class. And some very pretty results. I have to say the wet method looks more fascinating for me, but not having done it, it would really be hard to say. I'll bet your students went home and put their feet up too. LoL. Through glass photography really can be difficult. The goldfinch is a beautiful bird.

  2. Looks like fun day with lots of work. Hugs, Valerie

  3. wow, looks like you learned and accomplished a lot in one day of a workshop! How fun. they are lovely. wishing you a great week of your own work.

  4. Looked like a lot of work with lovely colours (haha!).
    That's a terrific photo of the goldfinch, we've been unable to get a good one of ours.