Sunday, 3 April 2016

Busy week

This exhibition has it`s opening today. Last chance to view it so if you have missed it at other venues try to make it to Birnam. The café does excellent soup. I have 2 books on display.

First picking of the new season rhubarb.

Added chopped stem ginger and a spoonful of the syrup.

Cooked slowly in the oven. I love this with yogurt.

Help this is in danger of turning into a cookery blog.
Back to business.
Playing again with pastels and mono printing.

I liked these shapes when I visited Verdant Works. They hold the posts for the jute thread bobbins

The big wheel.

Quick drawings snatched at moments throughout the day. I need a whole free day to really develop some paperwork in depth but I have had fun and pastels are my new favourite.
More stitching for long coastal piece.

Scrim added over stitching. I had originally planned to keep the background neutral but have decided to colour it. Which colour is not yet clear.

Another visit to the front runner - house - decision made - fingers crossed I can secure it. Can`t bear to look at any more houses but Hey Ho I am not picking a colour scheme just yet. Don`t count ones chickens etc. I have never owned chickens so I ask everyone out there to send very positive vibes that this house is meant for me.
Hope you will look in next week.


  1. That IS a busy week! Positive vibes coming your way. Now is the time to take a day for yourself to get your mind off of being anxious to hear that you will get the house you want. Interesting art pieces in the making!

  2. That looks like a wonderful show.
    Your books are a joy to look at.
    yum to your first rhubarb. It grows here as well, surely it is just beginning to rise through the earth. we are far behind you in the growing season. Lovely spring days and nights and art to you.

  3. Imagine your rhubarb being ready already, ours is still tiny.
    You have been Mrs. Busy. I love all your drawings and paintings, so imaginative and arty.
    Thanks for the reminder about the exhibition.