Sunday, 27 March 2016

Feeling switched on again

Have managed a beach walk this week. Renewing  interest in sand ripples and marks left when the tide recedes. Some are horizontal some vertical.

These metal plates were attached to wooden posts, part of the attempts to stop sand being swept into the sea.

No idea what they are for but great colours.
I planned to have more work done on this coastal piece but with house hunting this is all I have managed. A bit pathetic really.

I have time as it is for an exhibition in August I did want to be further on before I started a new project though.
The new project is for an exhibition in 2017 at the Verdant Works Jute Museum.

Spent a day here with creative friends, looking, taking photographs and drawing the wonderful machinery.

Using the museum as an inspirational source. I need to a lot of research into the jute industry and the social history behind it.
No idea what I will produce but know I have to get the essence of this industry and the people, mainly women, who worked within it, into a textile piece.
I feel lots of fun with paper and paint to be had.
This is a beginning

A very good creative day with friends.
The house hunting continues but one is gaining in prominence. We shall see. Watch this space.
Really feel I am back in the swing of things. Quite excited about new project but must get on with Coastline.
Hope you will look in next week.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Was it a fluke?

Officially Spring. Beautiful day. Ready for Easter.

There was a bee but it kept moving.
Did a 4 mile walk this morning to celebrate Day being longer than Night today. Countryside looking good.

I like the way farmers recycle.

I know the farmer wasn't thinking about lines but I like this.
This post was to reassure me 1st post was not a fluke.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

I am back

I am back and it feels good to be writing a blogpost again. Hope you are all still out there.
New laptop, Windows 10 so anything may happen. Have the book Windows 10 for Dummies so fingers crossed. I am trying to be brave and take control of this computing business.

Love the texture of this machine, doesn't show up on the photo Told by Steve the computer man that is like saying you are not interested in the performance of a car only the colour. Hey Ho if you are into textiles it is a selling point if a black boring laptop has a textured top, isn't it.
Still house hunting. Not found a new abode yet. Have made a plan to view 2,3 places on the same day instead if charging all over the place. Some are in the wrong place others are right place wrong house.
In Perth today tutoring a 10.00- 4.00 workshop.

My workshops usually entail me carrying in boxes of paint paper and glue but this was all I needed 2 small bags. A very clean stitching day.

A few samples of free form Faggoting stitch

Finding a way to attach. Think everyone had fun. They certainly worked hard. Interesting to note everyone started with same materials. Results so different. Notice I provided my precious bottles.
Ok that's me back in Blogland. I will keep fingers crossed as I press publish.
Might get back to working on the " Coastal " piece next week as new plan of house hunting only once a week will give me more time.
BYE       BYE