Sunday, 21 August 2016

A busy week

Here are some of the exhibits I particularly enjoyed seeing at the exhibition "Coastlines" which finished today. It was only on for a week as the gallery only had that short timespan between exhibitions. Two weeks are better but a month is best.

Made by Tessa Mendez from Feltunique. I loved the shapes and colours.
This ceramic bowl was asking me to buy it and take it home.

Made by Maria Nordgren, Momentum Pottery. The texture on these bowls reflected sand lines.
The quirky birds were made by Rachel Bower a willow weaver.

This lovely kimono was made by Jan Reid. Dyed silk and hand stitched.
So much work by all the exhibitors.

Just a small selection of the super work on display.
The seagull will be retired now and I have  space ready for him in my new home.

Spent a day at Edinburgh Fringe and the Book Fair.
This band is such fun to watch and hear. Great selection of old musical instruments. An hour sped by.

Some sights from the Book Fair

Peter Rabbit was a great favourite with both children and the adults.
Who has lost his very large head?

Much need refreshments between talks.

Tackled another part of the garden. Need to get the rest of my plants out of their travelling pots. Finding it hard going.

A very busy week.
Please look in next week as I try to at least locate a sketch pad and some crayons.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

1 Down

Lots of visitors and child minding this week so a rush to get everything ready for opening of exhibition.

1 sold, 8 to go. A real buzz on opening night and quite a few sales. Gallery happy.
Have started digging up the grass. Planted large Hosta, it was screaming to get out of it`s travelling pot.

The soil is terrible so I am lifting a small piece of grass putting on loads of compost and planting one of my pot plants. This is really the wrong soil preparation but I need to get the plants into the ground. Found it a bit daunting to dig up all the grass in one go.

Balloon flight passed over the garden tonight.
I am ready for a cup of tea and an early night I think.
If you look in next week I will have some pictures of other peoples work from the exhibition. Look out for the felt stones.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Handing in day

Managed to finish this last piece " Lunan Bay " These little stones were collected from a walk on a local beach.

My matching rings were designed from this beach.

Have lost a stone and must get it repaired.
The gallery looked very large and empty. Fusation members will be handing in exhibits throughout the day. When we arrive for the preview on Friday the gallery space will be transformed. I hope.
Mood board to go into group profile folder.

I still need to add writing. Computer working again but printer will copy and scan but not print. I should have moved to the woods and lived a techno free life!!!
Friend bought me a sweet little colander and I have bought kitchen gadgets to match.

A lovely workman has turned up and assured me he can make my garage into a bright functional studio. I can hardly believe it is going to happen. Very very excited. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.
Glad I made the deadline for handing in day.

Oh and I have lost 4 lbs. Walking and no midnight snacks of toast and cheese or bowls of icecream.

This photo tells the story of a disaster but it had a happy ending.
Looking in next week to hear about the exhibition and the preview.