Sunday, 31 May 2015

Paint, Paper and Fun

Source material being pinned onto my cardboard ideas board.
My studio ( little room ) is lacking a proper wall to pin ideas onto so I nail up  a large piece of cardboard packaging - needs must ( fairy magic says " it is recycling after all )

Have been looking at fences on the coast so with paper, paint and fun I have begun adding to my workbook. Perhaps looking at a subdued palette
Not sure yet. 

I usually work on one project at a time but now  ideas are in my head for 2 separate pieces. Perhaps they will merge. Who knows.

Sampled a zig zag book with lettering of different sizes to find out if idea would work.

These were 4cm+ 4cm. I like it so planning a series of little zig zag books to represent Coastlines.
Carefully measured to fit into wooden shelf unit.
11cm.+6 1/2cm.

Paint, Paper and Fun,  just the beginning. Still at the playing stage but some ideas are brewing nicely and beginning to crystallize, from the creative dust that flies around and about before it alights where needed.

This is a jar of sea water I brought back from the local beach. I am using sea water in this project because I thought it would add authenticity to the project. 
Working on the field books, I had buried fabric in the fields and painted with soil so this time using sea water. It will not be seen but I will know I used it.
Crazy or what.

Some supplies for this project. I have used these paint samples as I wanted a chalky effect for the zig zag book.

Plan for coming week

1 Paint, paper and having fun

2 Get to the local beach

3 Work on zig zag book.

Look in next week to view progress if any

Bye  Bye.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Winters back

Very cold, grey overcast skies the last few days. Flowers I had expected to open are keeping their petals tight shut. Who can blame them. I am back in cosy jumpers and the heating is on.
Winter`s back.

 4 babies from the 5 eggs. They don`t look their best at this stage. 3 days old. The parents were pecking about in the undergrowth so I nipped in to take this. Not very clear but I did`t want to disturb them. Once these beaks start demanding food the mum and dad are going to be run off their feet. That should be wings.
No birds were harmed in the taking of these photos.

I thought this was a Thrush but not quite the right shape. Checked the books and it is a Mistle Thrush. Friend who is savvy about birds came round and saw it. Conformation. Excited. Not had one in the garden before. Much bigger than a thrush and spots are larger. Elegant bird.

Hostas don`t appear to mind the cold weather and are looking good.

Bluebells,  Poppies, Solomon`s seal, also bloom regardless of the weather so garden still has colour. Thank Goodness


The sweet little violets are growing on the other side of my garden wall. So small only the glimpses of the bright blue give them away. Imagine, they were once sold by the bunch now quite rare round here.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Made it. Finished

Lughnasadh is finished. Hang out the bunting.
I will miss working on it.

I decided to gesso the back and add printed words about the Myths connected to harvest time.

I will put it away now, looking at it occasionally and hoping I dont find any glaring fault.
I will present it for a juried exhibition by EDGE in Aug 2015 " between myth and ledgend"
Fingers and toes crossed it gets in (Fairy Magic is crossing hers as well)

Two books waiting for the third.

I plan to make a third book " Winter God" but I have put that on hold for now.

So Bye Bye books.

Tidying up all trace of Lughnasadh. I like to start with 
a clear desk to begin a new project. Only time it is clear. ( tell me about it, says Fairy Magic )

No yellow anywhere but spot the Red bird. A wonderful surprise when it flew into Scotland from America.

Work is now for exhibitions in 2016.

First one is Jan 16th in Aberlady ornithology center. 
Plan to fill my wooden shelves with pieces about sea birds. This exhibition is by a group named Kalamkari 
So watch this space
Second exhibition is with a group named Fusation and will be on August 13th Title Coastlines. 
I am going to be busy. 

Will be using a larger workbook this time A3. 30cm. + 43cm.
Have begun playing (Fairy Magic reminds me this is designing) with some ideas but need to start gathering source material.


No idea where this is going yet but look in next Sunday  to see what I am up to

Some supplies, just because they were being tidied away.


See you next week.
Bye  Bye

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Fuchsia covered up overnight as I was tired carrying them in and out of the greenhouse.

The snowdrops, crocus, daffodils and tulips are over and I am anticipating the next burst of colour. The Alliums, Peonies, and Lilies are not quite ready to pop but almost.

I love the way the ferns unfold. Anticipating the fronds.

The last pot of Auricula. This is a shady area so flowers last longer.

Montana Rubens almost ready. This plant scrambles through an old tree. I love the tangled stems.

This little daffodil flowers quite late. It becomes white as it ages so one needs to look every day to see the gradual change.

This cobbled area has a selection of grasses and more hosta in pots.

Waiting for the iris to bloom. The lily of the valley is in full bloom and is giving out its perfume. It is growing through a hosta.

I planted up some summer baskets yesterday. Keeping them in the greenhouse for a few weeks.