Sunday, 3 May 2015

Domestic Crisis

I decided when I began this blog it would only be about recording the trails and tribulations of my work. It would not cover personal issues.
Today - dishwashing machine leaked and leaked. I did not know they held so much water. The kitchen floor flooded and still the water came. Lino began to rise as water crept underneath. Pulled the machine out from its casing, with great difficulty, and underneath on cement floor was horrid gunge, and even more water.
At that point I wanted to lock the door and go outside - escape from the mess - the smell  - and all the problems the flood would cause.

1st  Pouring rain
2nd Sick husband
3rd Only me to deal with problem

Put down lots of old sheets and towels to mop up water. Newspaper over gunge to help dry up and stop smell.
Very strong cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. 2 chocolate biscuits, lets be honest here and I was ready to tackle anything, well almost anything.
Spent the rest of the evening watching rubbish TV to recover.
Pathetic really.
Hope this will be the one and only time I rant about a domestic crisis.

On with the book

Oats in the bottle at long last. Collected from Crop Research but as it was a holiday weekend everyone I had arranged to meet had left early. Will try to get there next week. Main thing is at long last I have oat seed. It is hard to tell from photo but the 3 types of seed are different.

Gerst - Monath    Old Anglo Saxon for September Barley Month
Have added to front inside cover,

Have finished attaching cords to front and back of book. I have the blisters to prove it was hard to sew them on but I am pleased with the result so worth it I think ( Fairy magic thinks so too)


Have repeated the tie method on end of cords. Just finishes them and ties the book together.

I finished the ends with a little paper fastener. I have used then to attach pieces inside the book. Again it just neatens the ends.

This is the last page to be worked on. Hope to have it finished next week. The songs I have used are all old farming songs, once sung at Harvest Time.
An elderly local farmer told me, up till the 50s these songs were sung at Barn Dances held at Harvest time.

Plan for next week

1   Finish page
2   Still to work out idea for spine
3   Find a method to finish back of pages
4   Crop Research visit

End almost in sight. 

Hope you will look in next week and I promise no more rants. 

Bye Bye



  1. The work on your little book is spectacular, love those knots and ties you have made. Sorry about the dishwasher, I know how awful that is, not an enviable task. You deserved and needed those chocolate biscuits. Hugs, Valerie

    1. Sorry about rant. Thanks for lovely comments. Have enjoyed making this book and finding out lots of folklore and myths along the way

  2. How awful about the dishwasher, I hope you have got it under control and you deserved a whole packet of chocolate biscuits.
    Your book is amazing, so much texture and detail, and so much loving artistry.
    Glad you finally got the oats in their bottle. I'm sure everyone at Crop Research will be so fascinated by your book.
    Wouldn't it have been great to hear and sing the old farming songs at Harvest Time and maybe somewhere they still do. Does Fairy Magic know anything about this?

    1. As it is a public hol cant get plumber until Tue. Have a heater drying it all out.
      Nearing the end with this book. Thinking about next project Coastlines.

  3. The creativity of your books is mind-boggling. Your thread cords are mesmerizing! I so love your cords. Those tied off ends are marvelous looking. I'm sure the tea and chocolate biscuits were your saving force amidst your dishwasher crises. And singing always makes the work go easier.

    1. Thank you for positive comments. They are appreciated so much. When little thing going wrong put you out of kilter it is great to hear someone likes your work. Great boast to moral. Thanks

  4. oh, sometimes we HAVE to rant, it is freeing (a bit, at least... and the bisquits are helpful, too;))
    your Project is so awesome, i´m sure it is even greater to see it in Person. it is so unique and i´m looking Forward to the next one...

  5. Thanks for taking time to comment. I dont know about being better when seen but certainly I myself always like to see the texture in person. It is difficult at exhibitions of textiles not to touch.