Thursday, 31 December 2015


Reflecting on the last day of 2015.
A very sad, difficult and unhappy year for me. I leave 2015 as a widow.

The sunrise at 7.50,  31st of December  2015.

 After days of torrential rain, raging winds and dark skies, I take it as an omen that 2016 will have different challenges for me.
Stepping over the threshold from 2015 into 2016.

This is my affirmation for 2016.
 I will not be identified as " that widow woman"
I will be identified as " Maureen the textile Artist."
How is that for positive thinking. 
I plan to continue designing and stitching new work and hope you will look in to view the results.

My husband was very proud of his rose collection.
This one has survived the storms.

Tomorrow will be January 1st 2016 a New Year.
Health, Happiness and Creative Vibes to you all.


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Festive Branch

Making some changes to my usual Christmas traditions. 
A very happy festive season to everyone.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Back home

Home again from the big city. Have to admit I didn`t really do much. I heard a super concert, had a lovely vegetarian meal and watched an animated film. This was all on the first day and shared with special friends.
Visited an exhibition of different makers on second day and then hit the shops to do my Christmas shopping. I had planned to photo some of the Christmas sight but camera battery flat. It would have been an idea to check before leaving home.
Third and fourth days,  very mild but overcast not days for photos but camera now charged and I had planned long beach walks. Short drive out of city, then hit the beaches.

This is a very long, flat, stretch of beach, the day never lightened, but it is the lines from the ripples and tide that interest me.

The beach had bunches of these razor shells scattered along it. No idea why they were grouped this way

Walking back over the dunes spotted this fence. It is definitely  to keep folks out.

In this case it is for a good reason. The area has been marked off to protect special species of wild flowers.

This clump of sea buckthorn was a lovely splash of colour on a very grey day. Spotted on the way back to my car. The white stems look good with the  orange. Isn`t nature so clever with colour.

These paisley pattern shapes are the first batch made by members of the Embroiderers Guild. They will form part of a project for a Regional Day in April2016

 Have not picked up a needle, thread, paint or glue for a week and am beginning to have withdrawal symptoms but plan to get started again over the festive season.

Look in next week to see if beach walk has inspired me.


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sigh of relief

" Coastline Cabinet " and 3 Beach pieces are on their way to an exhibition.More information about that later.
Big sigh of relief.

All the fingers and toes crossed must have worked on the 10th so thank you.
I am hitting the big city for a few days, shopping and visiting friends. Taking a few days away from fabric and threads.
I have 2 pieces of work milling around in my brain,  each demanding my attention. They are at the pushing and shoving stage.
9 patches, naming it "Findings" 
This is based on sand ripples and using the coastlines from maps to connect the patches.

Lots of playing around in workbook ( designing) Long way to go yet
The other piece is based on tide marks and fences. I will use my last long piece of seaweed dyed fabric.

New ideas board started.
I think the "Findings" have won the chance to be worked on now. They screamed the loudest and punched the hardest. 
Long piece will have to simmer a bit longer and out of nowhere Winter Book has made itself known. Pushing gently forward.
A few days away needed, to rest this mish mash of a brain.Time to get to the Metropolis, view the Christmas shops and decorations. 

No post next week so leave you with the sparrows waiting to be fed, after a light snow.
My very best wishes for you all to enjoy a restful, loving Festive Season 

BYE   BYE      

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Wave Goodbye

" Coastline Cabinet " is finished. At long last.
Well just a few more postcards to stitch. 
Size  56cm. length  39cm. height  7cm. wide.
Everything in place.

A reminder.

Usually when I finish a piece of work for exhibition I don`t feel too precious about it. I am quite happy to see it go out into the Big Wide World.
If it sells Whoopee, if not it goes on the wall, becomes a present for family or friend and can even end up under the bed.
It is the research, problem solving and making I enjoy. The whole process from vague idea to finished piece. 
The " Coastline " piece is different. I hope it gets passed the jury on the 10th and if it sells Whoopee but I would be very sad to see it go.
This is a piece I would like to live with. Take out the books and "read" them, put other findings into the boxes and change the feathers. Always adding to it  with each new beach walk.
It has been important for me working on it at a difficult period in my life. Lots of happy and sad emotions tied up in this piece.

Waving Goodbye. If his wings moved he would flap them.

Look in next week To see new project for next exhibition. 9 patches based on sand ripples and beach findings. May have a name for it by next week.



Saturday, 5 December 2015


This is for Tammy Lee`s Threshold Weekend challenge 

Where the sand and sea meet. Stepping from solid soft sand to cold wet sea is crossing a threshold to another element. 
"Threshold the point of entering, into and out from.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

This is almost it

After much deliberation I have chosen the photo as the background for the seagull.
I have printed onto fabric, added strips of sheers and stitched on French knots for texture. Along the bottom I glued on sand. The seagull has given it his approval.

 Oh and I have fixed his eyes.

 This is the last of the seagull saga. I am pleased, the seagull is pleased and I am sure everyone out there will be pleased to see the last of him. 
Have drawn seaweed to go inside the small books space.

Once photo background is backed and fixed in place the " Coastline Cabinet " will be finished.
This is almost it at long last.

Back to the workbook. 
Looking at starting a new piece based on 9 patches.
Using the sand ripples and the lines from coastal maps. No idea where this is going or what the end result will be.

 Thinking about it being a whole 9 patch piece but each piece will work in its own right. I have seen various work in exhibitions using the 9 patch idea so the idea is not mine. I hope I can make my piece my own, using my style.

 Plan for next week.

1    Finally finish Cabinet

2   Work through ideas for next piece

3   Get work packed for 10th Dec.

Look in next week to give a last wave to Seagull.