Sunday, 15 October 2017

Time spent with friends

Have been spending time with friends in a beautiful part of Scotland


River walks

Wonderful Autumn colour which could not be adequately photographed. I even managed a few big hills.

This is a super walk. Woods, Moorland, and Riverside
We wandered all afternoon with frequent stops to read the poems and view the great pieces of sculpture.


A very small selection of the many pieces on this walk. Some are fun and make you laugh others carry a serious message.
This bronze sculpture was my favourite.

I have been adding to my Beach piece. No name yet.

Razor Shell will have a book inside.

Loose thread has got into the photo.
Please look in next week. Will I have a name for the Beach piece? Will I have finished my Challenge Book?

BYE      BYE

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Busy week

A busy week, meetings, AGM`s and grandchilds birthday, all interesting and some things were fun but all keeping me out of The Studio.
Working on the Sketchbook challenge and it is a challenge.

Back cover of book. Finding it hard to splash paint and gesso around.

Front cover. Still more work to do but certainly does not look like original book cover.

The brown paper was wrapped round some new pens I bought. Used inside front cover.

The start of the first page.

Lots more work to do before hand over day. A friend visiting was upset I had cut the lambs head off.

Beach work going slowly.

This section is ready for words. I use the facility on my sewing machine so rarely I need to consult the manual each time I wish to use the sewing machine to stitch the writing. That's tomorrows job.

Checking up on me as he looks through The Studio door. He is looking very bedraggled now as his tail has gone as have most of his back feathers. Head and neck feathers are still looking good and I wonder if they will drop off.
Please look in next week to see if I manage to master the stitched writing and progress on the sketch book.


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Being stretched

Rain and more Rain again. Everything is dripping so into The Studio. It was cleared this week as Fusation another exhibiting group I am a member of brought a selection of work. We were deciding how many pieces we needed to mount an exhibition in St Andrews. More about that next week.

All surfaces cleared but not for long.

This book will be transformed, I hope.
I have been unable to deface a book any book. Upbringing. Books were precious, hands washed before opening one etc. I am taking part in a sketchbook challenge with some friends. They set me the task of using an A5 old cheap book. I knew I would fail and would make or buy an A5 but one member has presented me with 5 second hand books.

I must use one so here it is cut to A5.

First coat of Gesso applied. New pages made using cut off pages.

Found the act of cutting the book hard. A rainy day was just right to get started. Really being stretched to deface this book. May still find it too hard and will buy an A5. Does anyone else have this problem?

I have 4 small pieces of work in this exhibition. If you are in the area please visit. Good gallery very interesting textile exhibition by EDGE members.

I am reading these books for research but also enjoying them. Have started a  beach piece of work. No name yet but sand ripples and findings are the inspiration.

A long piece which will fold into a book for storage.

Painted fabric and paper. This piece will have lots of hand stitching.

Solar lights from a well known Swedish store have worked really well. On grey rainy days they still come on at dusk. How do they work without sun?
Please look in next week to view how I am coping with the sketchbook and to see what else has been added to seven foot long piece.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox, I wish this post had sound. Rain so heavy and noisy as it beats onto The Studio roof. I can hardly think. September is my birth month and my memory is of clear days with just a hint of Autumn to come. Since I returned from holiday mist and rain, dark early a feeling Summer is really over.

Still some colour in the garden but plants are turning.

Oak leaf Hydrangea turned from green to this great colour overnight.

Hostas are fading.
Have gone to my stash of bits and pieces. Left over dyed fabric from other projects.

Ready to hang out in the garden.

A and B

C and D


Now to find a place to hang them in the garden over Winter. I like recording how the elements  change the fabric.
The original prayer flags are years old. I brought them with me when I moved here.

Really looking distressed now but no bits have fallen off. New ones look a bit brash.( see previous post)

Do you remember the stones. I have abandoned them for now. Just could not get the right effect. Usually I keep going and somehow it all works out. Not this time. Have you ever been in this position? I think coming and going all Summer did not help.

Views from my holiday. Village in rural France. Not deserted, people kept shutters closed from the sun, only opened at dusk.

View from the terrace. Larger hills  in the background always hidden in heat haze.
This Summer was about going when friends said come and I am eternally grateful to them all. Good to be home though and making plans for the Winter.
More about that later.
Please look in next week. I am beginning work on a new piece.