Sunday, 29 October 2017

No more holidays

Back home from the last trip for this year.
Always great to settle in, and be surrounded by ones familiar objects.

He is not familiar. The Green Man was brought back from my holiday. Looking for an outside place to hang him. Garden or Courtyard?  Glazed ceramic and about a 40 cm by 30cm. Do you like him? I fell in love with him.
Another part of the Beach piece finished. I must get a name for it " Treasures from the Shoreline" not very inspiring.

The Razor shell contains a poem.

Tissue paper painted, printed then waxed.
I have had another look at the STONES while away. I took scissors and glue and some photocopies of the drawings I had of the Stones and played.

Made it horizontal. Changed the composition completely. Will it work this way? Still not right but can now begin to see a way forward. Well maybe not.
Please look in next week as I plan to spend a day at the sewing machine putting the writing on the nameless Beach piece.


  1. I like the Green Man. He says Courtyard to me, but wherever you decide to put him that will be the right place.
    Beach piece coming along. Title? "A Walk along the beach" "The Beach" "Along the shore" ???? "The Shoreline" ??

  2. How about: Shoreline Treasures (same as yours, but shorter). Short is good these days with waning attention spans.

    Your green man is handsome.
    Not that you asked, my favorite is the folded piece.