Sunday, 27 September 2015

Coming together

I have had a complete rethink about making fabric boxes. The fabric did not fit with the cabinet at all. Also - so long to zigzag and using so much thread. It did not work. Will finish fabric boxes and make them up for my grandchildren.

New idea is using card to make boxes.  Coating them with gesso to give a smooth surface and for strength. Still lots of measuring.

Paper pattern.

Printed tissue paper with a map and used pieces to tie in with " Coastlines" theme. 
3 coats of matt varnish for added strength.
Will place tiny shells inside.

Much happier and so is Fairy Dust.
What do you think?

Little postcard is finished. 3 made, may do 2 more.

Cleared desk as piled high with bits and bobs - discarded - cut up - etc. so clean desk ready to start small piece.

 Maps, writing from my diary, seaglass and fabric wrapped round brown wrack seaweed.

 The piece which was shouting to be made was quite crude so became a sample for a more resolved piece. This one is not shouting or pushing just quietly placing the pieces where they look best.

Did you spot the large clam shells?
I use them to hold the seawater and bits and bobs I am using. Keeping the " Coastlines" theme.

The cabinet is beginning to come together.
On to the seagull.

 Next week

1   Really must make a start on frame for seagull

2    Finish boxes.

3   Think about subjects for more little cards.

Look in to see how much I manage.



Sunday, 20 September 2015

A heart

This was picked up from the beach where I was staying. Isn`t it lovely. A rock heart about 3 inches high. It looks as if it has white icing. I love it 

The boxes are in bits. It has taken ages to carefully measure each piece, accurately. Not my strong point.
As you see I ran out of thread so shopping trip on Monday. Another day of zigzag stitching to get them put together. It has to be done but I find edging like this boring

Postcard is waiting for edging

Oh dear, I do need to get a few days clear -  just stitching. 
Feel I have lost some momentum but plan a day with some good biscuits and cups of tea to get me going.

Playing around with this. Wonder where it will lead.

To remind me it is coming along. Even if slowly.

Hope I have moved on by next week.


Friday, 11 September 2015


Unexpected trip. Washing, ironing, packing have taken up the last few days so short post. Really short.

Usually like to make my own Stencils and Stamps. Very basic but I found these in a drawer,must have been given then ages ago. No packaging so no idea who made them. They are excellent. No way would I have made anything as good as this.

If in the future I decide I would prefer hand stitched feathers at the sides, well they can be made and added.

Did say it would be short ,
I have taken the rest of my seaweed fabric with me and some threads. 
Look in next week to view what happens next, if anything


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Shouting and Pushing

Just had to be stitched.
Shouting and pushing to emerge.
This piece had to be stitched at once- right now- immediately.

Still to sew in threads. 

I like the effect one gets when it is on the window. The printing, seaweed and hand drawing show through the sheer.
Wow this piece of work would not take no for an answer. No waiting its turn .
Everything just landed in the correct place 
No agonizing over where bits should be placed. I think the fairy dust must have helped.
I have named it Seaweed.

Back to the cabinet.
It has been waiting patiently.

Feather finished and in place.May do 2 more for sides or perhaps will stencil the sides.
Always more decisions to make.

Hope you have enjoyed this extra post. Even the post would not wait until Sunday. That Seaweed piece was really Shouting and Pushing to be out there.

BYE      BYE.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

A really good day

Seaweed unwrapped.
Big disappointment. There were no green marks

Oh well back to the drawing board or is it the beach.

Success  with the twisted bundle. The wrinkles have stayed and I do think they look like the ripples on the sand. Well near enough.

 The wrinkles, on the scrim, were not as clear so I starched it and while wet pushed into shape.
Fairy dust has settled on this piece.
I must stay focused on the cabinet or I will be all over the place. Ideas coming in thick and fast and I really am itching to start stitching this piece.

3rd little book finished. It has been waiting for final pictures to be printed onto fabric.

Have broken 4 shells trying to drill 3 holes along the back of a shell. This was to hold feathers. Have given up and have decided to make do with 1 hole.

Will make another stitched feather to be placed behind real feathers. Using water soluble paper again.

This" cabinet of curiousities" has so many components it is taking much longer then I thought to come together.

Spent a really good day with 4 artist friends. Lots of cuppas- cake- chat but working as well. All accompanied by the home owners husband playing a saxophone. Magic. A really good day. I even came away with a present.
Do you know what this is?

I was told they were dried kiwi fruits. They are very light and dont seem to have anything inside. We set the textile world to rights. Discussed what is the best way forward for us. Talked round plans for the future. A really good day.

Sometime since I posted a peek into my studio ( cubby hole )

Iron is turned to the wall as it is not fit for human eyes.Bondaweb dye etc have taken their toll.

Plan for next week

1   Make another soft postcard.
2   Start stitching boxes.
3   Finish feather
4   Get my head round pattern for seagull.

Look in to see how much I achieve.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

life got in the way

I have been without telephone and broadband connections. Cant believe how much I have missed it.
Felt quite cut off from the world. Things are back to normal today and so a belated post.

Do you remember the posing seagull and I said there was a story behind the picture?
A friend and I did a beach walk. Wonderful sunny day.
No seagulls. Returned to her city home, looking out the window into her garden and the posing seagull flew in. Wow. Bread was thrown as I rushed for camera.

He was worth waiting for. Posing beautifully.

Back to the walk

The cliff looks as if boulders have been cemented into it, but it is all the cliff formation. All natural. Fascinating. Must learn a bit of geology.

This little daisy plant thriving in a cliff crevice.

Left this piece of tissue paper in a rock pool for a few hours. Disintegrated when opened but it has a great texture.
Will put it with other fabrics I am collecting for a new "Coastline" piece of work. Fairy dust has not quite settled yet but ideas are simmering. 
I lost a piece of fabric on the beach walk. Left under seaweed and marked with large shells. So busy walking and talking could not locate it on the way back.
First time this has happened to me. Must mark better or not talk and where would the fun in that be.

More pollution. This will be reduced and printed onto fabric to add into the small book about pollution. Then 3 books will be finished.

2 soft postcards finished.

Last jar filled and sealed.

I have been moving things around, emptying drawers etc. Found this little machine stitched piece I did years ago. Have brought it out as it was based on a cliff section. Interesting as I hardly ever free machine stitch now.

I have collected a number of these complete razor shells. Wondered what to do with them. Turn them into a book of course.

Just knew I had to have red somewhere in this " Coastline" piece.

Started with seagulls and did find some at last, on my local beach.

They were making such a noise. Not sure if it was a mating screech or if they were having a row.

Should be back on track next week if life doesnt get in the way again. 
Will be opening up seaweed bundle this week. May be something exciting or a terrible let down.
Look in to see,