Sunday, 20 September 2015

A heart

This was picked up from the beach where I was staying. Isn`t it lovely. A rock heart about 3 inches high. It looks as if it has white icing. I love it 

The boxes are in bits. It has taken ages to carefully measure each piece, accurately. Not my strong point.
As you see I ran out of thread so shopping trip on Monday. Another day of zigzag stitching to get them put together. It has to be done but I find edging like this boring

Postcard is waiting for edging

Oh dear, I do need to get a few days clear -  just stitching. 
Feel I have lost some momentum but plan a day with some good biscuits and cups of tea to get me going.

Playing around with this. Wonder where it will lead.

To remind me it is coming along. Even if slowly.

Hope I have moved on by next week.



  1. that rock is amazing
    i was not sure what i was looking at, till you told us

    i can see how that blue edging could take a lot of thread and patience
    lovely to see what you are up to

  2. What a great basket of goodies. That is some heavy-duty zig-zagging. I'm looking forward to seeing them as boxes.
    There is an empty space in your magnificent installation (Cupboard of Coastal Curiosities).
    Do we know what is going in there? Have I forgotten?

  3. Oh, what are these curious boxes? They look Devine. Boxes of all sizes and decos are a weak obsession for me, so I can't wait to see them put together. They certainly don't "look" boring, that's for sure. That definitely is a sweet looking heart rock and I love how your cubby cupboard is looking.