Sunday, 22 May 2016


Unearthing old workbooks and revisiting past work.

This was the final piece I made for my City + Guilds Creative Embroidery  Diploma. X amount of years ago.

It was my reaction to these 2 Magazine pictures.  They made me sad and angry at the time and revisiting them I still feel sad and angry. The little girl, looking on, would soon be covered like the women.

The headpiece and veil were my take on headgear for a member of the Taliban .It was called Retaliation Retribution.
Samples to work out ideas before the piece was started.

The piece was made in sections. At the time I was studying nomadic people and the way their household goods were made to be folded and wrapped, making packing and transportation easier.

Unfortunately my household goods are not so easy to pack.

It has been fun revisiting this piece of work. Should just be packing but can`t resist looking at my old workbooks.
Look in next week to view what else I unearth.


Sunday, 15 May 2016

New horizons

Trying not to get too excited. Subject to contracts being signed I have a new house. All happened very quickly, after looking at dozens, one turns up almost perfect and my offer was accepted. Big breaths, I can hardly believe it. New horizons. I am packing in earnest now.

Stuff to go. Just the beginning, I plan to really downsize.

Stuff to keep.
Wake up in the night wondering how I begin to pack up my workroom.

One item at a time is the answer.

Workroom will be piled up in the shed until I can sort out a studio. It will be chaos.
Not much stitching this week, trying to get my head round the idea I am heading for new horizons.

Have added straight stitching to finish these pieces

Stitched the last piece of seaweed.
Plants waiting to go to their new home.

I am really so excited but it is tinged with some sadness.
There has been two collared doves in this garden since I came to live here. I hope they follow me to my new garden. They are always together and look so elegant.

Look in next week to view how I am managing the packing and will I find time to tackle the stitching to complete the "fences" for the coastline piece. I am not confident about managing that.


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Time to go

Monthly visit with creative friends. Forgot my camera. I had planned to photograph the room we work in. We work on our own projects but share ideas and tips and always have a lots of laughter. Cake is an extra treat. I always come home refreshed.
Have almost finished 2nd piece.

Have changed the shells as they appeared too large

This colour is better I think.

Some stitching still to be completed on the seaweed.

Start of 3rd piece.

This will be the 4th and top piece.
Now need to work on the "Fences" which will join the pieces together.
House hunting has been put on hold for a few weeks. The one I thought I would be able to make another life story in, was bought by someone else. Took a few weeks to recover but I am on the search again.
Time to leave this house. One morning last week, drew back the curtains to see this.

Plastic. The farmer for the first time is not growing potatoes or barley. He has put turnips, in all the fields and under cover. I will so miss the colour in the fields when the barley is ripe.

So time to go.
Look in next week to view if  I have worked out "Fences"  to join the pieces together and hear how house hunting is going.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Touch of Blue

Friday April 30th!!!
Woke up this morning to white landscape. Not a great photo.

My resident Pheasant, looking very bedraggled.
Dug out my drive and headed for the Knitting and Stitching Show. Ticket in my bag and friends to meet so no stopping me.
The show was fantastic. Plenty to look at and to buy.  EDGE exhibition was looking good and people were very interested in the work. Gave myself a pat on the back that I have managed to keep stitching and had a piece of work selected. I had left my camera on the kitchen table after photographing the pheasant so no photos.
The Dutch Quilt exhibition was very interesting and the art historian, who had brought it together was very willing to talk about the pieces. Loved the book.

My purchases.

Linen threads ready to be dyed.

A touch of blue. The threads on the right were bought from a lovely Swedish seller. Linladan is the name of the company. Sells linen threads from the 1960`s. I should have bought more as the quality is superb.

Empress Mills sells these bundles of Egyptian cotton. Pot luck on sizes but usually a variety of long thin pieces. Great to bury or leave in rock pools. Ideal for workshops. I buy them whenever I see them.

Odds and bobs. Why have I bought button backs ? No idea.

My pins always disappear and need replaced. Do yours? The box usually has about 6 left when I need them.
Against my better judgement I bought books. I have been off loading my book shelves and here I have added more.

A friend loaned me this some time ago so had to buy it. Pure eye candy.

I like their books.

I didn't have this one in the series.
Talked into this by Art Van Go. A no brainer, as I had planned to try this for some time.

Have others out there used this and were you pleased with the results?
A lovely day surrounded by everything to make a textile heaven. I arrived home tired, skint but happy.

More stitching on this piece. It was really crying out for a touch of blue.

Have added a strip to the bottom edge. I do like working in this way, adding patches as needed.

Look in next week to view next stage in my " Coastal Fences/Defences."
BYE.     BYE.