Sunday, 8 May 2016

Time to go

Monthly visit with creative friends. Forgot my camera. I had planned to photograph the room we work in. We work on our own projects but share ideas and tips and always have a lots of laughter. Cake is an extra treat. I always come home refreshed.
Have almost finished 2nd piece.

Have changed the shells as they appeared too large

This colour is better I think.

Some stitching still to be completed on the seaweed.

Start of 3rd piece.

This will be the 4th and top piece.
Now need to work on the "Fences" which will join the pieces together.
House hunting has been put on hold for a few weeks. The one I thought I would be able to make another life story in, was bought by someone else. Took a few weeks to recover but I am on the search again.
Time to leave this house. One morning last week, drew back the curtains to see this.

Plastic. The farmer for the first time is not growing potatoes or barley. He has put turnips, in all the fields and under cover. I will so miss the colour in the fields when the barley is ripe.

So time to go.
Look in next week to view if  I have worked out "Fences"  to join the pieces together and hear how house hunting is going.


  1. Maureen, your improv hand stitching is always amazing! As is your earthly designs. They're really beyond words. Just beautiful. Good luck with your next house hunt.

  2. The first piece is so original, I like the little bottle on the blue rectangle and the daddy, mummy and baby shells sewn down very firmly. It's so textile-arty but also neat and orderly, a fine achievement.
    Yes I agree it is time to go when the farmer no longer sows a colourful field, does he not realise how much you admire the colours?