Sunday, 22 May 2016


Unearthing old workbooks and revisiting past work.

This was the final piece I made for my City + Guilds Creative Embroidery  Diploma. X amount of years ago.

It was my reaction to these 2 Magazine pictures.  They made me sad and angry at the time and revisiting them I still feel sad and angry. The little girl, looking on, would soon be covered like the women.

The headpiece and veil were my take on headgear for a member of the Taliban .It was called Retaliation Retribution.
Samples to work out ideas before the piece was started.

The piece was made in sections. At the time I was studying nomadic people and the way their household goods were made to be folded and wrapped, making packing and transportation easier.

Unfortunately my household goods are not so easy to pack.

It has been fun revisiting this piece of work. Should just be packing but can`t resist looking at my old workbooks.
Look in next week to view what else I unearth.



  1. wow, powerful pieces and details.
    It must have taken you a while which would keep one considering the subject.
    It brings up feelings for me as I know consider it. I really enjoy the details you created. Wishing you the best as you pack.

  2. As Tammie said, it's a powerful statement you make. Definitely a reminder of how wonderful our freedoms are. Packing.....ugh. But finding things that have been temporarily forgotten is fun and a nice little break in the packing process.

  3. It's always good to do a bit of textile revisiting, often a surprise at what we have managed to achieve in the past, sometimes we forget...Mxx

  4. As Moira says, it is often interesting to look back at what we did.
    Hope the packing is going well. Think about what fun it will be unpacking at your new house.