Monday, 27 March 2017

Better late than never

I still have stitching to add to this.

I am enjoy just stitching without too much thought. 

I have never seen such small pins. I would like to source small black safety pins to add on. Is there such a thing? 
I am working on ideas for a series of workshops, Surface Decoration. 

This is made using the top layer  of a red and gold paper napkin, a chiffon scarf, strips of fabric and machine stitching.
I am tutoring a workshop in April,"  Stitching a Fabric Book."

Starting with a paper pattern to ensure folds are in correct place.

 This book has a pocket as part of the construction.
I found a little time this week to make a few backgrounds in my Play Book.

A peek at some of the many Hoops made by Embroiderers` Guild members. These will be on display at Scottish Regional Day.

It has been exciting opening up the parcels after postman has delivered.
I am missing my greenhouse but pleased these Sweet Peas have germinated on the floor of The Studio.

I hope you will look in again next week. I will try to post on Sunday but some weeks just run away from me.
BYE      BYE

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A visitor

From this

To this

I am very happy to see the end of the grass. The gardener came and the garden is beginning to take shape. Lots more planting for wildlife. I will need to live another 5 years, 10 would be better to see it mature.

The Peacock came to give approval. Have not seen it all Winter. This may even be another bird as it has a magnificent tail. The other bird was a bit scruffy. Do Peacocks grow new tails in the Spring?

I was at a workshop this week, lead by Ali Ferguson. I don`t do retro, vintage or lace but I loved this.

Very relaxing, moving bits and bobs around. Will finish this but have no plans to make another.
At last have finished this piece for the exhibition. I have spent days measuring and measuring again.

Will hang it for a day or two to check it is ok.
"A good read Kalkata to Dundee."
Look in next week as I begin making samples for upcoming workshops I am leading.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Last of the cogs

I have attached the cogs as book covers to the long concertina book.

Still some content to add but almost finished.

Last of the cogs I think.
First book added to the background. Measured and measured again and again.

I need to ensure all the Hills and Valleys line up. The photo does look as if the book is slightly off the line but measurement is correct. I think its the angle of the photo. Hope so.

3 more to fit in.

This was drawn with a rubber on a page covered with charcoal. Very messy but good fun. Hanging in the window of Create. Nest. where I attended some fun drawing classes.

First planting in my vegetable garden. It is a built up bed but no obvious way to access it except by stretching across or stepping over the wall. That problem needs to be solved before I plant potatoes and beans etc. No further word about the skip so all garden plans are on hold.
Looks as if I haven`t been up to much this week but another round of meetings has taken up time.

A photo session to get some publicity shots. I had cleared my worktable but was asked to mess it up a bit, so everything went back.
Please look in next week to view what I have been up to. I only have one meeting next week so hope to get all the books attached.
BYE       BYE

Sunday, 5 March 2017

A bit of this and a bit of that

I am a founder member of Kalamkari a Textile/Art group. This article has been printed in Be Creative with Workbox.

The group is pleased to have this publicity. We are mounting our exhibition after the EDGE one. More about this later.
The long book grows.

Now 3 meters. Time to add the content.

A light bulb moment when I realised the cog shapes were like a concertina book. So became my source for all the Books.
I have remade the Kolkata Book. Thank goodness I had painted and printed a large sheet of card. The 1st was messy and did not work. Comes from not sampling enough.

Creative Fairy has given her approval. What do you think?

Books 1 2 3 5 Finished.
Two pieces of work from EDGE  exhibition. Still time to view at Verdant Works.

Spice Bags

Scissors used by Weavers. Closeup of a much larger piece.
Was stewarding at the Hobby, Craft and Quilt Show in Glasgow this week.

Showing pendants made by the Dundee Branch. I held my hands behind my back as I had a quick look round but succumbed and bought this pattern.

Will I ever find time to make it ? Anyone`s guess.
Look in next week to view progress on Books.
Plan for next week
1   Stitch 5 Books to Artist Board
2   Add content to long Book
3   Make cogs for Book covers.

BYE         BYE