Monday, 27 March 2017

Better late than never

I still have stitching to add to this.

I am enjoy just stitching without too much thought. 

I have never seen such small pins. I would like to source small black safety pins to add on. Is there such a thing? 
I am working on ideas for a series of workshops, Surface Decoration. 

This is made using the top layer  of a red and gold paper napkin, a chiffon scarf, strips of fabric and machine stitching.
I am tutoring a workshop in April,"  Stitching a Fabric Book."

Starting with a paper pattern to ensure folds are in correct place.

 This book has a pocket as part of the construction.
I found a little time this week to make a few backgrounds in my Play Book.

A peek at some of the many Hoops made by Embroiderers` Guild members. These will be on display at Scottish Regional Day.

It has been exciting opening up the parcels after postman has delivered.
I am missing my greenhouse but pleased these Sweet Peas have germinated on the floor of The Studio.

I hope you will look in again next week. I will try to post on Sunday but some weeks just run away from me.
BYE      BYE


  1. Looks like you have been having good fun with your creative pieces.
    Fun to think of you dreaming up a class.
    Your peas are growing, yay. Growth here is still super subtle.

  2. These are particularly nice if you feel like splashing out.

  3. I love your colourful Play book and am especially taken with the third page - the colours and shapes look just right together.
    The first textile is interesting, a collage with lots of interesting pieces and pretty pinks too. It's good to try something different (must try it sometime).