Sunday, 12 March 2017

Last of the cogs

I have attached the cogs as book covers to the long concertina book.

Still some content to add but almost finished.

Last of the cogs I think.
First book added to the background. Measured and measured again and again.

I need to ensure all the Hills and Valleys line up. The photo does look as if the book is slightly off the line but measurement is correct. I think its the angle of the photo. Hope so.

3 more to fit in.

This was drawn with a rubber on a page covered with charcoal. Very messy but good fun. Hanging in the window of Create. Nest. where I attended some fun drawing classes.

First planting in my vegetable garden. It is a built up bed but no obvious way to access it except by stretching across or stepping over the wall. That problem needs to be solved before I plant potatoes and beans etc. No further word about the skip so all garden plans are on hold.
Looks as if I haven`t been up to much this week but another round of meetings has taken up time.

A photo session to get some publicity shots. I had cleared my worktable but was asked to mess it up a bit, so everything went back.
Please look in next week to view what I have been up to. I only have one meeting next week so hope to get all the books attached.
BYE       BYE


  1. As a very recent convert to the making of artists' books -and to especially concertina folds - this is all fascinating. I look forward to seeing the end result.

  2. So lovely to see you!

    your book is very long................................
    cogs are a fun and unique cover. so many details to figure out as you go along.

    wishing you a wonderful week.

  3. Not sure why my comment is not here, possibly I only thought of it.
    You're looking good in your studio!
    Vegetable garden restart is great, love the new rhubarb.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how the long book is arranged on the canvas.