Monday, 26 October 2015

Home with a tired brain

Very enjoyable weekend. Good tutor. Talented group of women + 1 man.
 Creative and fun buzz over the weekend.
I like working on my own and often find it hard to really get much from workshops except enjoyable company and listening to people talking shop.
This weekend was very intense, people really concentrating on their work.
2 rooms 1 for wet work, 1 for dry work. So lots of bright space.
Our " collections" were made into 1 meter hanging lengths. No one else had brought rubbish. No surprise there but interesting collections.
We picked 2 words  (unseen) from a bag. Mine were Tie and Patch. Our lengths were put together using our words and one other item. Pins, paperclips, tie, etc.


Can you work out the words chosen to put the 1 meter pieces together.
Not great photos as no time to set shot up. they were pinned up, we had a quick look, taken down and placed beside A3 sheets of paper.  This was the pattern for the first day, quick tasks.
We drew on large sheets of paper , using our left hand, you have probably all done this at some time but have you then turned the paper round 4 times to arrive back where you started.  We had 1 minute to observe our constructions, then eyes closed,  trying to draw from memory. 1 minute each time then paper turned 1 turn.
5 A5 drawings from the A3 drawings, enlarging a specific area and one torn from paper.
These were used as a guide for printing.

 Time for a break - Tea and a much needed chocolate biscuit. It was only the first part of day 1. Could I keep up the pace.
The weekend continued to task our minds in this way. Lots of printing, using a variety of methods and ending the weekend with an envelope book.

Home with a tired brain but stimulated and excited about continuing to look at tying as a way of securing work. Looking at it becoming an important design element not just a method to attach.
A very full weekend, lots of drawing ideas, printing methods and exchange of ideas.
Will take some time to review all the work done over the weekend. Tired but happy.

Now back to the Seagull.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Checking my list

Art material for the weekend workshop

Trust I can get this lot packed into my case.

Rubbish from the beach
Images of collection ( rubbish )
5 colours (art material ) from ones images
Collection of papers A3 A4
Plain material A3 A4
Cutting mat and knife
Etc.  Etc.

My collection. Goodness knows what the class will make of it.

Packed and ready for the journey. Just need to check the map for quickest route. 
Art material in large case. 

Have finished the 2nd piece of work in the "Coastline" series. Seashells

Plan to leave the 3rd one until Seagull is finished.

Time to get on the road.
Look in again to see what the weekend produces.


Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Seagull has landed

This week I have been reading

A rant coming.

I have very mixed views about the stitching I do, being labeled, Slow Stitching. Why does it need a name at all. The fashion for stitching old used fabric with straight stitching doesn`t speak to me at all.
I am of the age when make do and mend - darning - reusing fabric was a necessity. Poverty - lack of easily obtainable materials - wartime.
I now use the technical skills, learned from my mother, darning, patching etc in my work where appropriate.
I enjoy looking at old worn materials, researching the history and construction of them but I don`t wish to produce work based on nostalgia.
It just looks to me like samples I have in my workbook.
I enjoy hand stitching, it allows one to be reflective when working but -  Slow Stitching.
This of course may all be sour grapes as Claire has written a book and it is a lovely book.
This is a personal view and I may return to this theme of everything needing to be named.
Anyone else out there got a view on this?

Here is the Seagull at last. 
About time too I hear folks say.

I just could not get the proportions right. It did not sit correctly inside the space. It came together when I made the bird face backwards.
It has a wire frame, covered with builders scrim dipped into gesso. I thought plaster would be too hard to stitch into.
I meant to photo the stages but battery on camera was dead so bashed onto next stage while muse was on my shoulder and before scrim disintegrated.

I may place it on a small piece of doweling but I quite like it on the piece of driftwood.
What do you think?
I will try to get him covered for next week. He needs and eye and the beak is a bit like an eagles, at the moment but HEY HO he has landed,

I am taking part in a workshop, next weekend, lead by Kim Gunn. It is being held for S.E.T tutors.
Scottish Embroidery Tutors.
The theme is collections.

Looks interesting. I am taking debris from the beach as my collection. No surprise there.

My grandchildren, 10 and 9 year old girls have been staying for a few days.Bedrooms have been rearranged since their last visit. This is their way of laying claim to their new room.

and all the other bedrooms. I am keeping them on the doors as they make me smile every  time I pass by.

Plan for next week

1 Enjoy the weekend workshop

2 More work on the seagull

Look in next week and see if I get him finished.


Monday, 12 October 2015

The seagull is coming

The seagull is coming.

Not until my grandchildren have returned home.
No post yesterday as a 10 year old girl and 9 year old girl arrived for a few days holiday. Lovely to have them stay but no time to think. 9.00 p.m. exhausted. Me, and a feeling I would be doing it all over again the next day.
We have been beach combing today. Great fun but lots of screams when a dead crab was spotted.
The results.

Swimming in the afternoon. 
9.00 p.m. I am exhausted but we all had a great day.

I have been working on 2nd small piece in the "Coastline" series-- Sea Shells. 
Still some work to do but a good collection of shells, with holes, from todays expedition.

Planning to place small bottles into seaweed box.
Tube of interesting small shells into hessian box and map box will hold feathers. 

 The seagull is being worked on. Fingers crossed it goes to plan.

Look in next week to see progress.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Side tracked

The weather here has jumped from lovely sunny Autumn days to squally, cold, grey rain and fog. I revisited a book I had put aside when I started the "Coastline" project and have decides to allow myself to be side tracked.
Really avoidance tactics. Chambers dictionary ( Art of arranging men on the battle field )
Well making the seagull might be a battle!!!!!!!!

My eco printing does not produce a perfect image. It appears to bleed over the fabric but I like that effect.
Will lace the pages together to make a zig zag book.
I made the poem using Scottish dialect.


Summers gone
She has no more use for you.
Fall down you brown dried leaves,
And settle round the Mother Tree,
To feed her for another year.

Will finish this over the next few days then wire and 
fabric probably some gesso and hey presto a bird.


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Very busy week

Collecting and taking to St Andrews Museum, work from Embroiderers Guild members. This year is our 60th anniversary and all year we have had a variety of events to celebrate. From  Friday 2nd October till 29th November we have an exhibition " Diamond Threads "

 Lots of great work. Traditional and modern techniques. 
Friday was opening night. All went well, lots of people attended, lots of great comments and I did not forget my speech. 
Arrived home, end of busy week, collapsed.

Boxes are finished. I am collecting items to put inside.

Brown box was representing seaweed but I think it is a bit dark. Will think about leaving it or changing it.

They were fun to decorate but I did not enjoy the measuring. At least I now know I can do it.

Beginning to reach the end. Just that seagull!!!!!!!!!!!

I have finished this piece.

Coastline  Series 1  Seaglass.
Plan 2 more. 
Really like this slow stitching. Just letting the stitching happen. Trying not to over think it all. This is a new way of working for me. I usually have workbooks full of drawings, samples etc. but the idea for these pieces just arrived almost as an antidote to the planned cabinet.

Look in next week to see if I have tackled that bird.