Monday, 26 October 2015

Home with a tired brain

Very enjoyable weekend. Good tutor. Talented group of women + 1 man.
 Creative and fun buzz over the weekend.
I like working on my own and often find it hard to really get much from workshops except enjoyable company and listening to people talking shop.
This weekend was very intense, people really concentrating on their work.
2 rooms 1 for wet work, 1 for dry work. So lots of bright space.
Our " collections" were made into 1 meter hanging lengths. No one else had brought rubbish. No surprise there but interesting collections.
We picked 2 words  (unseen) from a bag. Mine were Tie and Patch. Our lengths were put together using our words and one other item. Pins, paperclips, tie, etc.


Can you work out the words chosen to put the 1 meter pieces together.
Not great photos as no time to set shot up. they were pinned up, we had a quick look, taken down and placed beside A3 sheets of paper.  This was the pattern for the first day, quick tasks.
We drew on large sheets of paper , using our left hand, you have probably all done this at some time but have you then turned the paper round 4 times to arrive back where you started.  We had 1 minute to observe our constructions, then eyes closed,  trying to draw from memory. 1 minute each time then paper turned 1 turn.
5 A5 drawings from the A3 drawings, enlarging a specific area and one torn from paper.
These were used as a guide for printing.

 Time for a break - Tea and a much needed chocolate biscuit. It was only the first part of day 1. Could I keep up the pace.
The weekend continued to task our minds in this way. Lots of printing, using a variety of methods and ending the weekend with an envelope book.

Home with a tired brain but stimulated and excited about continuing to look at tying as a way of securing work. Looking at it becoming an important design element not just a method to attach.
A very full weekend, lots of drawing ideas, printing methods and exchange of ideas.
Will take some time to review all the work done over the weekend. Tired but happy.

Now back to the Seagull.



  1. Thanks for all that, it seems quite unusual and inspiring. Tea with a chocolate biscuit sounds essential, and ending with making a book is just up your street.

  2. hello, it does sound like you had a very busy weekend. I am glad you have come back with new ideas and more thoughts to come. to truly consider how to fasten and secure things as an art element can only be interesting, inspiring and will enhance art with time.