Friday, 23 October 2015

Checking my list

Art material for the weekend workshop

Trust I can get this lot packed into my case.

Rubbish from the beach
Images of collection ( rubbish )
5 colours (art material ) from ones images
Collection of papers A3 A4
Plain material A3 A4
Cutting mat and knife
Etc.  Etc.

My collection. Goodness knows what the class will make of it.

Packed and ready for the journey. Just need to check the map for quickest route. 
Art material in large case. 

Have finished the 2nd piece of work in the "Coastline" series. Seashells

Plan to leave the 3rd one until Seagull is finished.

Time to get on the road.
Look in again to see what the weekend produces.



  1. Have a great time at your weekend workshop! I adore your stitched coast line piece. The stitching section that looks like a map is awesome cool! Safe trip!

  2. it is always fun to hear what art supplies people are taking on the road. this is a little different as it is a workshop. it is wonderful how the sea inspires your art. i suppose the wild around me does the same.

    wishing you a wonderful time away.

  3. Beautiful work with the shells. Have fun on your trip, hugs, Valerie

  4. Interesting(!) collection to take to the workshop, don't suppose many people will have the same. What to take is always a problem for me. I'll be fascinated to see what you make with this collection.
    Coastline piece looks good and so original. I see it has your trademark little bottle.