Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Side tracked

The weather here has jumped from lovely sunny Autumn days to squally, cold, grey rain and fog. I revisited a book I had put aside when I started the "Coastline" project and have decides to allow myself to be side tracked.
Really avoidance tactics. Chambers dictionary ( Art of arranging men on the battle field )
Well making the seagull might be a battle!!!!!!!!

My eco printing does not produce a perfect image. It appears to bleed over the fabric but I like that effect.
Will lace the pages together to make a zig zag book.
I made the poem using Scottish dialect.


Summers gone
She has no more use for you.
Fall down you brown dried leaves,
And settle round the Mother Tree,
To feed her for another year.

Will finish this over the next few days then wire and 
fabric probably some gesso and hey presto a bird.



  1. Fantastic and very art-full book, love it. Hugs, Valerie

  2. i like the marriage of hand dyed with stitching
    do you speak Scottish?

  3. Orange Esmeralda's teddies8 October 2015 at 12:06

    We love your Sunday postings but when are we going to see the seagull?

  4. Sorry about that. I go away for a couple of days and look what happens.
    This is a nice little foray (seagull-making avoidance) into something non-Coastal. I like the slightly fuzzy images and the running stitches stitching.