Sunday, 4 October 2015

Very busy week

Collecting and taking to St Andrews Museum, work from Embroiderers Guild members. This year is our 60th anniversary and all year we have had a variety of events to celebrate. From  Friday 2nd October till 29th November we have an exhibition " Diamond Threads "

 Lots of great work. Traditional and modern techniques. 
Friday was opening night. All went well, lots of people attended, lots of great comments and I did not forget my speech. 
Arrived home, end of busy week, collapsed.

Boxes are finished. I am collecting items to put inside.

Brown box was representing seaweed but I think it is a bit dark. Will think about leaving it or changing it.

They were fun to decorate but I did not enjoy the measuring. At least I now know I can do it.

Beginning to reach the end. Just that seagull!!!!!!!!!!!

I have finished this piece.

Coastline  Series 1  Seaglass.
Plan 2 more. 
Really like this slow stitching. Just letting the stitching happen. Trying not to over think it all. This is a new way of working for me. I usually have workbooks full of drawings, samples etc. but the idea for these pieces just arrived almost as an antidote to the planned cabinet.

Look in next week to see if I have tackled that bird.



  1. Seaglass piece looks great with the seaglass on the double rectangles, looks very coastal.
    First thought was the brown box was dark, but your middle jar is dark, so maybe it balances it? Boxes look good, like the unusual green colours/yellow colours, the dyed scrim(?) and the patterned one on the bottom.
    Will be looking out for news of the seagull next Sunday.

  2. Those boxes look terrific. Your entire cubby cabinet looks amazing. Yes, that seagull. I'm looking forward to seeing him in there. I would have to cut one from a photo. I can't even imagine trying to make a seagull. I really like all your stitching on your seaglass piece. I'm glad you showed these close-ups. Beautiful!

  3. Those boxes are fantastic - and I am in love with your wonderful unique seaglass piece--adorable!