Sunday, 28 June 2015

Awaiting creative dust

2nd book finished.
Dyed the last of my narrow, white, silk ribbon to match book.
I need to source more. I do like this silk ribbon and it dyes well. I have used it many times to wrap books.
Problem is I bought it ages ago and cant remember where.

This book has been fun to make and I am pleased with the way the different papers have blended together.


Some of the finished pages.

The book feels good to hold. Just the right size to fit into ones palm.

I have a special place for book 3 ( " only 2 finished " ) reminder from fairy magic.
If you are following this blog- and if not- why not I ask, you will have read the post about my wooden structure arriving and it was the wrong size.
Here is the amended structure, only one, as I wished to make sure it was correct size this time.

 At very early stages of construction. Has to be 
painted- more jars filled - 3rd book finished - boxes covered - feathers stitched - drawings for back of shelves etc. etc. etc.
Making myself panic at thought of it all.

1st jar filled with sand , looks a bit like a jar of jam at the moment. Will wax the top. It is quite small 7cm.
Only 4 more to go.
I have in my head an idea from Victorian plant hunters, who brought back specimens in jars with waxed tops. My work does take me in some interesting directions. The never ending question- is this Art or Craft. Who cares? I just enjoy the whole process of making.

3rd book is a fabric one, painted with gesso and craft acrylic paints.
This will be the back of the book , with a Coastline drawn on. Plan to stitch in this one. Missing working with needle and threads.

Same format as other books.

This is the inside waiting for inspiration. That creative dust better come soon.
I cant seem to settle on one idea for this book. Some ideas are just too big for a little 7+11cm. book.
Climate change
Man destroying the planet
Look in next week to find out which topic becomes the focus for book 3.

Plan for the week
1  Paint structure
2  Fill jars
3  Make a decision about topic.
4  Think about postcards ( havent mentioned them before)

Have been working in my workbook but will leave that for next week. Hope you will look in

Bye   Bye

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Coastline Project

1st book finished, well almost. I am thinking I may acrylic wax the pages. polish them, then apply artist matt varnish. 
My thinking is it will strengthen the pages as they are heavy weight cartridge paper.
I will mull over this. 
Fairy magic thinks it is a good idea. 
What do you think?

I have added some of my photos.

Made a pocket for back of the book, to hold feathers.
Still looking for another small feather.
Writing has been deliberately distressed. Fairy magic thought it was a good idea. It is the back of the book so thinking about all the bits and bobs (Flotsam) washed up on the beach, not pristine.

Dyed some silk ribbon to hold book closed.

Second book.  Fences
Have pinned up to see overall look of the pages. I want them to flow into each other.

Still playing in my workbook.

Have decided to use hand writing on this book.
Not really a political rant ( see previous post) but thoughts on Borders, Boundaries, Refugees etc.
So it is in fact a subtle rant.

I like the direction this book is taking. Keeping it simple as I want the texture of the different papers and some writing to be the focus.

Plan for next week

1   Finish 2nd book

2   Gesso fabric to begin 3rd book ( right now not sure
      what its focus will be. Hope creative dust lands on
      me soon.)

3   Think about idea to wax pages.

4    Collect shelf. It has been cut  to original size.

Look in next week to see developments 

Bye  Bye 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beach Visit

Made it to local beach to gather supplies for "Coastlines"  Lovely warm,sunny day. Not a soul in sight. Not even a dog walker.

These grasses hold the dunes together.

Gathered my seawater, shells ,seaweed and sand.

What to do with them?
I enjoy this part of a new project. Ideas buzzing inside my head. Paper, paint, collecting information and materials then letting the creative dust work its magic. ( " What about the fairy magic") is whispered in my ear. 

I was hoping to draw seagulls and collect feathers but not a bird in sight and no feathers. Unusual not to find feathers scattered around. Another visit to the beach will need to be scheduled in.

This photo from another time and place. 

Have been working on small books. Each will feature Coastlines but added birds to 1st one.

The writing is about coastal erosion. The 2nd book was featuring fences.
Fences to hold back the tides but have been thinking about keeping folks in and keeping folks out.
Refuges. Countries defending territory.
Holding back the tide of humans. This is a phrase I have seen in papers and heard on the T.V.
Need to keep focused or 2nd book will be a political rant. Thats a body of work for another time. 
Back to workbook looking at fences and how to interpret them.

Just the beginnings of an idea in 2nd book.

Plan for coming week

1   Keep focused but hold in mind Refuges.

2   Go back to beach

3   Collect shelf. 

4    Add to books and think about 3rd one

I hope you will look in next week to see what is happening.

Bye Bye 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Back in business

I have a new camera. Not worked out all the gadgets yet but I can point and shoot. Still I miss my Samsung. In this modern world what happened to the repair man.

Great weather the last few days, if one kept in the sun it was really warm. I have a little wooded area in the garden and even on lovely days it remains cold.

Rubens Montana is fully out and scrambling all through the old tree.

Isnt this glorious. This orange poppy always opens first.The pink and plum ones  open later. This colour is just glowing in the border.

Limnanthes douglasii to give it its correct title is spreading everywhere but it is such a cheerful flower. Poached egg flower to you and me.

I have a variety of geraniums, this is a very low growing one. I must find out all the named varieties and relabel them. It is only 6 inches high but is covered in blooms. I like geraniums as they need very little attention and give such a variety of size and colour.

This a tall one. Almost a 60 cm.

Back to a small one. This is a double and has a very sprawling habit.

My pride and joy . Each year I wait for them to appearing. They are a lovely blue and against all gardening advice mine grow in full sun. Meconopsis.

To prove I have more than one plant.

Alliums  have also spread all over the garden. I put in a some bulbs a few years ago and the clumps just get bigger and bigger.

Just had to finish with these beauties. Gardening books advice not moving paeonia, well this plant has had 3 home moves and been moved twice in this garden. It has been divided a number of times and always puts on a great show.
Flowers dont last long but it is worth a place in any garden. Over the top or what.

I started this garden blog to ensure I would not forget sequence of instruction for Evergreen Mo blog. I am hoping to move it to a separate blog to record the garden year 2015.