Sunday, 28 June 2015

Awaiting creative dust

2nd book finished.
Dyed the last of my narrow, white, silk ribbon to match book.
I need to source more. I do like this silk ribbon and it dyes well. I have used it many times to wrap books.
Problem is I bought it ages ago and cant remember where.

This book has been fun to make and I am pleased with the way the different papers have blended together.


Some of the finished pages.

The book feels good to hold. Just the right size to fit into ones palm.

I have a special place for book 3 ( " only 2 finished " ) reminder from fairy magic.
If you are following this blog- and if not- why not I ask, you will have read the post about my wooden structure arriving and it was the wrong size.
Here is the amended structure, only one, as I wished to make sure it was correct size this time.

 At very early stages of construction. Has to be 
painted- more jars filled - 3rd book finished - boxes covered - feathers stitched - drawings for back of shelves etc. etc. etc.
Making myself panic at thought of it all.

1st jar filled with sand , looks a bit like a jar of jam at the moment. Will wax the top. It is quite small 7cm.
Only 4 more to go.
I have in my head an idea from Victorian plant hunters, who brought back specimens in jars with waxed tops. My work does take me in some interesting directions. The never ending question- is this Art or Craft. Who cares? I just enjoy the whole process of making.

3rd book is a fabric one, painted with gesso and craft acrylic paints.
This will be the back of the book , with a Coastline drawn on. Plan to stitch in this one. Missing working with needle and threads.

Same format as other books.

This is the inside waiting for inspiration. That creative dust better come soon.
I cant seem to settle on one idea for this book. Some ideas are just too big for a little 7+11cm. book.
Climate change
Man destroying the planet
Look in next week to find out which topic becomes the focus for book 3.

Plan for the week
1  Paint structure
2  Fill jars
3  Make a decision about topic.
4  Think about postcards ( havent mentioned them before)

Have been working in my workbook but will leave that for next week. Hope you will look in

Bye   Bye


  1. Your little books are divine, sitting in their own shelf, wrapped in coloured silk ribbon.
    I do like your latest with the stripes (fences) and text. Your wooden structure is looking good.
    Art or craft? I think this is an art installation.

  2. Fascinating work! Your little fence book is wonderful. What a pleasant surprise awaits the reader as he chooses one of the books and decides to unwrap it. I like seeing a sneak peek into your keepsake (for lack of a better word) box display. I am glad to know it is now the proper dimensions. Looking forward to seeing more on the coastline book.