Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Leave the birds alone

A short post today. My camera has had an accident. I was trying to photograph the birds in their nest before they flew away but the parents appeared out of nowhere and dived bombed me. I jumped back, tripped and the camera hit a stone. It will not open even though the green light is on.
What am I to do?
Get repair done? May take ages and cost a lot
Buy a new one?
I should have left the birds in peace. That will teach me.

Potentilla eriocarpa This was a tiny cutting and it has begun to spread in the cracks of the paving. The bright yellow is good against the grey stone.

Little orange violas are blooming their socks off. ( What a daft expression)

Centaurea montana This is a bit of a thug but it fills a difficult space under a large tree so I keep it and it is a glorious blue. Close up it has an interesting structure.

This is the last of the species daffodils to flower. The Pheasants Eye. It has a lovely perfume and seems to glow at dusk. After all the bright yellows they look delicate.

I had planned to photo Montana which is in full bloom and the first Peony which is very dark red.
Best laid plans of Mice and Women
Will need to decide what to do about camera
I had made a spread for the Art Journal Journey but cant photograph it and what about Sunday`s blog post. 
Oh dear I should have left the birds alone.

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  1. Beautiful flower photos again, each one of them is a treasure. The orange viola is delightful with or without socks and that is very late for a daffie, from your photo it looks like they know they are special.
    That's awful breaking your camera but blackbirds can get extremely upset if you go near their nests or if there is a cat within two miles.