Sunday, 7 June 2015

Coping with what I have

Still no camera, so coping with an old one I had in a drawer. Canon 3.2 mega pixels. Can you believe that was a really good camera xxxxxxx amount of years ago. No idea why I kept it.
On with the little books

Added "Coastlines" in different fonts.

Checking the size was correct to fit into shelf. There will be 3 books in this space. If idea works out. 

Still more work to do on this book but am pleased with how it is taking shape.  These photos were with good camera, before I dropped it.

2nd book will be same size but made with a variety of papers. It is just at the very beginning of its creation but I like the effect.

Next photos were from old camera, gremlins, will only print vertically. No matter what I try. This is when I switch off and have a cuppa.
O.K. I am back and you will just have to tilt your head to the right to view these.

Lots more playing with paper and paint before this one is finished.

Hope to have new camera in a few days. Trust you did not get a crick in your neck looking at 2 vertical photos

A peek at another corner in my workroom.

Weather has been so cold and stormy this week have not made it back to the beach but as seawater is almost finished I will need a trip this week whatever the weather.

Please look in next week. With new camera I will be able to show photos of progress. Old one back in the drawer. Looking on the internet even broken camera has been sidelined by more up to date versions. Such is progress.

Bye Bye


  1. Little zig-zag book tucked in the shelf looks really cosy. Such an original idea.
    Making these little books and decorating them looks like lotsa fun and I'm liking the new colour scheme.
    Good luck with getting a new camera.

  2. My camera works and my computer work. But a lot of good it does me for they refuse to work together! Where there's a will, there's a way and we work it out one way or another. As usual I am delighted to be watching new books come together. Making them to fit into the cubby is a clever idea indeed. I like the word is stretched out with the book pages. You make site-seeing and learning quite fun with your art.