Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beach Visit

Made it to local beach to gather supplies for "Coastlines"  Lovely warm,sunny day. Not a soul in sight. Not even a dog walker.

These grasses hold the dunes together.

Gathered my seawater, shells ,seaweed and sand.

What to do with them?
I enjoy this part of a new project. Ideas buzzing inside my head. Paper, paint, collecting information and materials then letting the creative dust work its magic. ( " What about the fairy magic") is whispered in my ear. 

I was hoping to draw seagulls and collect feathers but not a bird in sight and no feathers. Unusual not to find feathers scattered around. Another visit to the beach will need to be scheduled in.

This photo from another time and place. 

Have been working on small books. Each will feature Coastlines but added birds to 1st one.

The writing is about coastal erosion. The 2nd book was featuring fences.
Fences to hold back the tides but have been thinking about keeping folks in and keeping folks out.
Refuges. Countries defending territory.
Holding back the tide of humans. This is a phrase I have seen in papers and heard on the T.V.
Need to keep focused or 2nd book will be a political rant. Thats a body of work for another time. 
Back to workbook looking at fences and how to interpret them.

Just the beginnings of an idea in 2nd book.

Plan for coming week

1   Keep focused but hold in mind Refuges.

2   Go back to beach

3   Collect shelf. 

4    Add to books and think about 3rd one

I hope you will look in next week to see what is happening.

Bye Bye 


  1. So fascinating Maureen. I love watching your progress of creating your books. Wonderful thoughts and information you're putting down. And those great fencing ideas, wow, love them!

  2. wonderful photos, each one.
    loved having a peak into your process and ideas. your book is looking wonderful!

  3. Beautiful photos from the beach and your books are so wonderful with your drawings and the elements you add, love that kind of art books.

  4. Everything here is so original in ideas and presentation.
    Love your little books, to me a complete work of art, but to you a small part of a larger piece.
    Your work on fences is very exciting too.

  5. Golly - hello Mo. Just found you and your books. I love books like this. These are really inspiring.