Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Back in business

I have a new camera. Not worked out all the gadgets yet but I can point and shoot. Still I miss my Samsung. In this modern world what happened to the repair man.

Great weather the last few days, if one kept in the sun it was really warm. I have a little wooded area in the garden and even on lovely days it remains cold.

Rubens Montana is fully out and scrambling all through the old tree.

Isnt this glorious. This orange poppy always opens first.The pink and plum ones  open later. This colour is just glowing in the border.

Limnanthes douglasii to give it its correct title is spreading everywhere but it is such a cheerful flower. Poached egg flower to you and me.

I have a variety of geraniums, this is a very low growing one. I must find out all the named varieties and relabel them. It is only 6 inches high but is covered in blooms. I like geraniums as they need very little attention and give such a variety of size and colour.

This a tall one. Almost a 60 cm.

Back to a small one. This is a double and has a very sprawling habit.

My pride and joy . Each year I wait for them to appearing. They are a lovely blue and against all gardening advice mine grow in full sun. Meconopsis.

To prove I have more than one plant.

Alliums  have also spread all over the garden. I put in a some bulbs a few years ago and the clumps just get bigger and bigger.

Just had to finish with these beauties. Gardening books advice not moving paeonia, well this plant has had 3 home moves and been moved twice in this garden. It has been divided a number of times and always puts on a great show.
Flowers dont last long but it is worth a place in any garden. Over the top or what.

I started this garden blog to ensure I would not forget sequence of instruction for Evergreen Mo blog. I am hoping to move it to a separate blog to record the garden year 2015.


  1. Your garden has such a variety of plants and flowers.
    I especially like your geraniums.

  2. Blue Tibetan Poppies aka Meconopsis... I dream about seeing one in real life one day, it's too hot for them here in Sydney