Saturday, 20 June 2015

Coastline Project

1st book finished, well almost. I am thinking I may acrylic wax the pages. polish them, then apply artist matt varnish. 
My thinking is it will strengthen the pages as they are heavy weight cartridge paper.
I will mull over this. 
Fairy magic thinks it is a good idea. 
What do you think?

I have added some of my photos.

Made a pocket for back of the book, to hold feathers.
Still looking for another small feather.
Writing has been deliberately distressed. Fairy magic thought it was a good idea. It is the back of the book so thinking about all the bits and bobs (Flotsam) washed up on the beach, not pristine.

Dyed some silk ribbon to hold book closed.

Second book.  Fences
Have pinned up to see overall look of the pages. I want them to flow into each other.

Still playing in my workbook.

Have decided to use hand writing on this book.
Not really a political rant ( see previous post) but thoughts on Borders, Boundaries, Refugees etc.
So it is in fact a subtle rant.

I like the direction this book is taking. Keeping it simple as I want the texture of the different papers and some writing to be the focus.

Plan for next week

1   Finish 2nd book

2   Gesso fabric to begin 3rd book ( right now not sure
      what its focus will be. Hope creative dust lands on
      me soon.)

3   Think about idea to wax pages.

4    Collect shelf. It has been cut  to original size.

Look in next week to see developments 

Bye  Bye 


  1. I like your little book very much! It's done so loveley and in a very interesting way.
    I'm not sure if I understood your question about waxing the pages the right way. But in case I did I wonder why you think about applying matt varnish after waxing it. Wax is a varnish... And I'm not sure if it will work to put varnish over the wax. But in case it works and looks well - please let me know :)

  2. I just experimented with Dorland's cold wax medium on a couple of pages in my latest book, the trick is to put it on in very thin layers and polish it straight away

    1. I have used it before but have slapped it on, will try doing it in layers. Thanks for comment and advice
      I think your crow book is fab

  3. Unlike the others, I've no clue about waxing and varnishing pages, so no intelligient advice from me on that consideration. Your finished book looks awesome. What?...a simple ribbon tie? fancy secret knots to gain entry? LoL I love how book 2 is looking with the variety of fences. I love me a good old fence. Especially if it is teetering.

  4. This is another fabulous blogpost which needs far one than one look.
    Your first book looks exquisite, with so much sea detail inside - and a yellow silk ribbon to close.
    I'm with Beo on the varnish question, sounds like too much with the wax first, but then maybe fairy magic is an authority on varnishing. Not sure why you need the pages to be strengthened so much. You might lose the sea freshness, but of course it's your and fairy's book.
    Love the fences pages as works of art alone, especially the third last and fourth last photo.

  5. This looks great. I like all your little experimental marks and handwriting, and the way you have integrated everything with the colour.

  6. Thank you. I do enjoy playing in my workbooks. I hope some ideas will bubble up to the surface.