Sunday, 31 May 2015

Paint, Paper and Fun

Source material being pinned onto my cardboard ideas board.
My studio ( little room ) is lacking a proper wall to pin ideas onto so I nail up  a large piece of cardboard packaging - needs must ( fairy magic says " it is recycling after all )

Have been looking at fences on the coast so with paper, paint and fun I have begun adding to my workbook. Perhaps looking at a subdued palette
Not sure yet. 

I usually work on one project at a time but now  ideas are in my head for 2 separate pieces. Perhaps they will merge. Who knows.

Sampled a zig zag book with lettering of different sizes to find out if idea would work.

These were 4cm+ 4cm. I like it so planning a series of little zig zag books to represent Coastlines.
Carefully measured to fit into wooden shelf unit.
11cm.+6 1/2cm.

Paint, Paper and Fun,  just the beginning. Still at the playing stage but some ideas are brewing nicely and beginning to crystallize, from the creative dust that flies around and about before it alights where needed.

This is a jar of sea water I brought back from the local beach. I am using sea water in this project because I thought it would add authenticity to the project. 
Working on the field books, I had buried fabric in the fields and painted with soil so this time using sea water. It will not be seen but I will know I used it.
Crazy or what.

Some supplies for this project. I have used these paint samples as I wanted a chalky effect for the zig zag book.

Plan for coming week

1 Paint, paper and having fun

2 Get to the local beach

3 Work on zig zag book.

Look in next week to view progress if any

Bye  Bye.


  1. wonderfully creative pieces, each one.
    fun to see what you are up to.

  2. As usual, I am in awe of your artistic work. Some photos make sense to me, some not. But you are still in the process of working your magic, so..... I love your poetic writing inserts. Crazy to use sea water??? Absolutely not! The signs of a true artist with a passion to create true art. I will love watching you create these new pieces.

  3. I read this post, hoping it wouldn't end too soon, it is so full of art and design and enthusiasm for your subject.
    I very much agree with Annie about the quality of your writing, just your few well-chosen words with a photograph bring it all to life.
    I'm totally fascinated by your fence drawings and collages, especially love the third, fourth and sixth photos, and the seventh, and the zigzag book, a sample! - gosh! - it's a work of art, love the blues and everything I can see in it.
    Using sea water - brilliant idea, never heard of that before, so original, and loved seeing your paints, especially the house paints, another bright idea.
    Fairy magic is going to have a ball.

  4. What a wonderful post, love your zigzag book and your beautiful pages of different fences.