Sunday, 17 May 2015

Thinking ahead

These are 39 + 70 cm.  and I had them made by a joiner. He decided my measurements would make them too small so he added 15cm.

Steam coming out in all directions.

I will have to look at them for a while before I make a decision ( without the joiners help) about what I want to do.
Hang them vertically or horizontally?
Will I get them reduced to original size ? (by another joiner)


What do I want then for?
Well thinking ahead. I have an exhibition to prepare pieces of work for and my plan is to transform these units into two interesting, intriguing curio cabinets.
So watch this space.

Book is almost ready. 
The last few weeks I have been dragging my feet (fairy magic says" It should be hands")
Whatever, it has been dragging on. So big push to get it finished and start next idea. See above

 This is how the spine has looked for a number of weeks, waiting for me to make a decision.

Back to the embellisher to make a strip then hand stitch with wheat shapes.

Added to spine. 

Painted to match covers. Glad this is now complete.
( so is fairy magic) In the end it did not take long I just needed to get on with it.

This page is almost finished. I have tried several times this week to make a stencil of oats to echo barley stencil. 
Just comes out as blobs, cant even show you as all attempts ended in the bin.
Might draw the shape using ink and a fine nib pen.

Dyed interfacing to attach to back of pages but might use gesso with some colour added instead.

Nearly at the end. Quite pleased with the results but one is never really 100% sure if work is alright.
I have enjoyed the research and the problem solving involved with the construction.
Hope to be able to say next Sunday "It is finished"

Bye Bye


  1. Evolution of this book has been so fascinating I will be sad to see the end, but happy for you that it is the end.
    The spine looks magnificent, I'm not fond of the embellisher but you have worked out how to make it produce beautiful results and I very much like what you do. It now looks as if it was always there.
    Boxes look mega lovely and perfectly made but if joiner has made them to his measurements rather than yours why not take them back? Only you know your joiner, of course.
    So lots more exciting things to come, both for you and your blog readers, of which I will always be one.

  2. That is quite the nerve of your joiner. I can't even imagine placing an order with specific measurements and then being expected to pay for the joiner's specs instead. I feel your steam for sure! You work and talent with your books is incredible. That spine design is so perfect. No words needed.