Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Rain and more Rain

It has been rain, sleet and balls of hail the last few days and garden is looking battered but 1 hour ago out came the sun and I dashed out with camera. Nature is so clever a little warmth and bright sun, everything perks up. Until the next downpour.

This is the tulip pot I showed last week. Weather has done for it. Bright splash of colour for a short time but much appreciated  and next batch are out.

These remain in the ground all year and are about 12 years old. I planted then along the front of the rosebed to give some colour. I think it worked 

Three from my collection of Auricula. I grow them in pots so they get some protection in Winter.

Rhubarb seeding. It has been an abundant crop this spring. Lots of stewed rhubarb for breakfast. It is lovely cooked with a little orange juice and mixed in with Greek yogurt.
This is turning into , heaven forbid, a cookery blog

Bergenia is looking good. Something has been having a nibble.

Bluebell wood still not at it`s best but everyday a little better.

Not very clear as blossom started quite high up on the branch. Didn`t rush for a chair as rain was threatening again. This is my Damson tree hoping for a good crop. Where are these bees?

First Strawberry flowers. Have cheated, these are growing in pots in an unheated greenhouse. Anticipation. Must watch out the bugs don`t get the fruit before me.

Rain on again


  1. Seriously love those auriculas.
    Funnily enough we rarely get a flower stalk on the rhubarb.
    Like the idea of orange juice and Greek yogurt on rhubarb.

  2. Thanks. Your slipping you did not mention spelling mistake. Age instead of ago. Will have to read over draft more carefully