Sunday, 24 May 2015

Made it. Finished

Lughnasadh is finished. Hang out the bunting.
I will miss working on it.

I decided to gesso the back and add printed words about the Myths connected to harvest time.

I will put it away now, looking at it occasionally and hoping I dont find any glaring fault.
I will present it for a juried exhibition by EDGE in Aug 2015 " between myth and ledgend"
Fingers and toes crossed it gets in (Fairy Magic is crossing hers as well)

Two books waiting for the third.

I plan to make a third book " Winter God" but I have put that on hold for now.

So Bye Bye books.

Tidying up all trace of Lughnasadh. I like to start with 
a clear desk to begin a new project. Only time it is clear. ( tell me about it, says Fairy Magic )

No yellow anywhere but spot the Red bird. A wonderful surprise when it flew into Scotland from America.

Work is now for exhibitions in 2016.

First one is Jan 16th in Aberlady ornithology center. 
Plan to fill my wooden shelves with pieces about sea birds. This exhibition is by a group named Kalamkari 
So watch this space
Second exhibition is with a group named Fusation and will be on August 13th Title Coastlines. 
I am going to be busy. 

Will be using a larger workbook this time A3. 30cm. + 43cm.
Have begun playing (Fairy Magic reminds me this is designing) with some ideas but need to start gathering source material.


No idea where this is going yet but look in next Sunday  to see what I am up to

Some supplies, just because they were being tidied away.


See you next week.
Bye  Bye


  1. Oh, I love seeing how your books are finished. They're so increidble and unique and beautiful. I'm quite jealous that red birdie gets to watch you as you create. I imagine it would be like watching magic. Although it doesn't happen often, I LOVE sitting down to a clean desk to play anew. Your upcoming works are quite fascinating to say the least. My goodness, so much tape! LoL Wonderful supply photos to snoop through........

  2. Your finished books are beautiful. Have fun with your new project! Valerie

  3. There was so much in this blogpost that I had to go away and come back. Twice.
    Your books are beyond anything - you and fairy magic must be very pleased with yourselves, with all the original and delicately coloured stitching and images, three filled bottles and the intricate and magical way you have made the book and pages.
    And finished with a clear desk! Gosh.
    So Red Bird has flown in to supervise the next project involving Sea birds? - he must be pleased.
    I'm looking forward to your next phase too.

  4. Lovely books! I decided not to finish mine inside. It's not the time right now. I will put in new pages and wait. It's nice to see your sketchbooks and the start of a new process.