Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Winters back

Very cold, grey overcast skies the last few days. Flowers I had expected to open are keeping their petals tight shut. Who can blame them. I am back in cosy jumpers and the heating is on.
Winter`s back.

 4 babies from the 5 eggs. They don`t look their best at this stage. 3 days old. The parents were pecking about in the undergrowth so I nipped in to take this. Not very clear but I did`t want to disturb them. Once these beaks start demanding food the mum and dad are going to be run off their feet. That should be wings.
No birds were harmed in the taking of these photos.

I thought this was a Thrush but not quite the right shape. Checked the books and it is a Mistle Thrush. Friend who is savvy about birds came round and saw it. Conformation. Excited. Not had one in the garden before. Much bigger than a thrush and spots are larger. Elegant bird.

Hostas don`t appear to mind the cold weather and are looking good.

Bluebells,  Poppies, Solomon`s seal, also bloom regardless of the weather so garden still has colour. Thank Goodness


The sweet little violets are growing on the other side of my garden wall. So small only the glimpses of the bright blue give them away. Imagine, they were once sold by the bunch now quite rare round here.



  1. Great photos, love those baby birds! Hugs, Valerie

  2. That's marvellous to see the baby birds. I'm surprised the blackbird let you away with this, I was dive-bombed once just by standing underneath his nest.
    Yes, it's not too warm here either, but we got some nice rain today which the garden badly needed after the strong biting winds dried everything too much.
    Love the violets and always love poppies.

  3. Winter may be back your way, but still such a display of beautiful flowers and plants, it still feels very much like Spring! Such sweet baby birds, you did great with your shots!

  4. such wonderful photos, one and all!