Sunday, 5 March 2017

A bit of this and a bit of that

I am a founder member of Kalamkari a Textile/Art group. This article has been printed in Be Creative with Workbox.

The group is pleased to have this publicity. We are mounting our exhibition after the EDGE one. More about this later.
The long book grows.

Now 3 meters. Time to add the content.

A light bulb moment when I realised the cog shapes were like a concertina book. So became my source for all the Books.
I have remade the Kolkata Book. Thank goodness I had painted and printed a large sheet of card. The 1st was messy and did not work. Comes from not sampling enough.

Creative Fairy has given her approval. What do you think?

Books 1 2 3 5 Finished.
Two pieces of work from EDGE  exhibition. Still time to view at Verdant Works.

Spice Bags

Scissors used by Weavers. Closeup of a much larger piece.
Was stewarding at the Hobby, Craft and Quilt Show in Glasgow this week.

Showing pendants made by the Dundee Branch. I held my hands behind my back as I had a quick look round but succumbed and bought this pattern.

Will I ever find time to make it ? Anyone`s guess.
Look in next week to view progress on Books.
Plan for next week
1   Stitch 5 Books to Artist Board
2   Add content to long Book
3   Make cogs for Book covers.

BYE         BYE

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  1. I am liking these concertina books very much. Bright pink! Pretty floral fabric! Little floral fancies!
    The last photo of your book is intriguing. Pale pink ribbon!
    This pattern is very interesting, I hope you show us a photo of you wearing it WHEN you make it.