Sunday, 26 February 2017

A frustrating week

I have spent most of this week in my car. Clocking up the miles to attend meetings.
Struggling to find time to look at textile work never mind actually doing any.

5 books with 5 tales to tell. All at the fiddly stage I must find some clear time next week.
Finished this week stewarding at the EDGE exhibition. My second time and still enjoying finding time to study members work.
Flowers appear between all the cogs and jute.

If you have not visited yet well worth a trip to Verdant Works in Dundee.
The garden unfortunately remains the same. The skip booked to take garden rubbish, the lawn and some poor quality top soil away, could not get down my lane. The lane narrow, the skip wide. Gardener has had to apply for planning permission to park skip on the main road. The police have been round checking on traffic flow and disturbance to neighbours. May take a few weeks to get this sorted. Nothing is easy. I refuse to get stressed but I am eating a lot of chocolate biscuits.
I found a little time to add to long concertina book

Brown paper.

 Tissue paper.
My favourite piece of work from the exhibition.

Please look in next week when I hope to have more time to work on the books.


  1. wow, your concertina book is so long, wonderfully so.
    lovely to see all the pieces you have shared.

  2. I'm loving the look of the concertina books. I see a little bright coloured flower thing or two, interesting.
    What a story about the garden. One day it will all be done; meanwhile keep eating the chocolate (stress) biscuits.