Monday, 6 February 2017

. Finished

66 finished. Matt varnished so should remain waterproof for sometime. C still waiting to be started. This week has run away from me therefore 1 day late in posting.

Finished piece for next exhibition, well corners to finish. Hate doing corners so leave them until last. This is quite busy, I think and literal. One side the Bobbins representing the wealth. The other the female workers untold story trying to be heard.

Next piece will be very different.

Very little time for play this week but sticking to plan, at least one page each week.

Will return to this page. That's all for this week folks.
3 days without Gas and busy weekend 1st week in February gone.
Plan for next week
1 Finish c and put in place
2 Start next A2 piece.
3 Find more playtime.
Look in next week to see if I achieve any of this.

1 comment:

  1. There has never been a 66c like it. Very original.
    Your exhibition piece is magnificent, so much underlying it but it also looks attractive. I like the idea of their wrapped untold stories and the pretty floral fabric.