Sunday, 29 January 2017

Busy week

Still making time for play. First one has a card I found as I was walking into town.
Stewarding at the EDGE exhibition at Verdant Works. Opening was so busy it was hard to look closely at the work. Impressed by the work on show and feeling good my work holds it`s own.

 Long pieces are so difficult to photograph.

This piece is so bright alongside all the browns.
Well worth a visit.
Have signed up for a drawing class.

Drawing with a charcoal pencil, then going over the drawing with the feather tip dipped in ink.
This exercise was fun
Feeling a bag. Not trying to identify content just feeling hard and soft then using charcoal marks to indicate where the hard and soft spots were. Quite difficult. Try it.

Not a normal drawing class,
Have begun putting a piece of work together for the next exhibition. Details later.

Has another layer to go on and words inside the tubes but is nearly finished. This is the piece that was set aside while I finished Perpetual Motion.
Resident Robin has found his way to new bird table.

The Blackbird or is it a Thrush is still not sure.

One finished. Needs to be trimmed and varnished.

Saw this sunflower on my wood walk. Who put it there and why?
Please look in next week to see if numbers are in situ.
Will the A2 piece be finished?
What will drawing class produce?
BYE       BYE


  1. nice that the opening was crowded, a good showing.
    I guess going back to take a better look is a must.
    Fun that you are playing.... inspiring.

    I always enjoy seeing your robins, they are so different than ours. Yours are smaller and a bit different too.

    Lovely week to you.

  2. I'm enjoying your colourful art, looks like great fun. My favourite here is the third page.
    Fantastic that you now have a resident robin, and I would think that was a thrush, but I can see why it might be a Mrs. Blackbird.